Tunefruit Start Up Chatter: Troy Carter



Everybody loves the comeback story, right?  That is exactly the story that Troy Carter is telling after recently being fired by Lady Gaga as her manager (as told in Fast Company). This goes to show that reinvention is key in this crazy world that we live in.  Life throws us a curveball and the next question is: what now? Often times you can end up in a better place from where you started.  Troy has been no stranger to setbacks.  After spending 8 years managing female rapper Eve in the late 90’s, he was all of a sudden let go.  He put the pieces back together and ended up with Lady Gaga (not a bad rebound) until the most recent turn of events.  Bouncing back once again, he now runs Atomic Factory, a multi-dimensional entertainment and artist management company.  They recently signed singer Sky Ferreira as a client.

Music industry figures (whether it be managers, artists, musicians, etc.) are increasingly demonstrating that they are no longer one-dimensional figures.  Branching out into other businesses like fashion, technology and advertising are becoming the new norm for people in the industry.  Who wants just one source of income?  That’s just boring.  So, let the reinvention begin!

Troy Carter: Full talk from Wired 2012 from Wired.co.uk on Vimeo.


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