Tunefruit Featured License: Good Well Challenge

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From one of our new Tunefruit Customers comes this very touching video, part of the Good Well Challenge.

What’s the Good Well Challenge? Great question, thanks for asking. We love students who put their hand up with a good question. 🙂

The Good Well Challenge is part of Habitat for Humanity in Nepal. They are focused on building 1,000 thousand homes for the poor in Nepal, and are asking for donations of $150 USD. Why? Because that’s all it takes to build a house for a family there. Really, that’s an amazing opportunity. So, why don’t you head on over to the donation page and clicky-clicky on the donate button.


They are currently looking for funding of $150,000, and impressively, have made it to $34,000. Hurry!

Also, you can contact them directly here:  info@goodwellchallenge.com