Tunefruit Daily Freshpicks: The Roots


Check it out: The Roots

Yo. Good Monday morning folks. When this Tunefruit (Mango) was in college (a well-known music school in Boston), I had the opportunity to have more than a few roommates, who unlike me, actually lived in, or around, great NE cities. And one of these roommates, who grew up in Philadelphia, turned me on to this band. This magical, super-duper hippity-hoppity band. They were (slash ARE) called The Roots. While their quality from Album to Album (there are several) can be…ahem…cough, cough…erratic, their 1st Major Label album was Do You Want More?!!!??1.

And it was so painfully funky, thoughtful, and real, that thousands of college kids across the world had serious cases of “exploded-head-syndrome” in their dorm rooms while first hearing this album.

With the smooth rapping style of Black Thought and the TOTALLY-AMAZE-BALLZZ?uestlove on drums, this band literally defined the sound of Philly Hip-Hop. Yeah.

We pulled a few tracks from similar artists to honor the greatest Late Night Band ever…The Roots.