The Top 6 Sites to Find Royalty Free Music

We know how hard it is to find the perfect website for royalty free music licensing.

There are so many websites that let you license music that it can get overwhelming fast! Fortunately for you, we’ve taken the liberty of digging up the best websites from across the internet.

This totally exhaustive list was curated very carefully based on a number of factors including UI, quality, user interface, and price.

Included below is the pricing structure and pros/cons of each site.


1. Pond5


  1. Large selection of music.
  2. Search is relatively intuitive.
  3. Great options between basic or premium subscription plans or purchase songs individually.


  1. UI can be a little unintuitive at times.
  2. No way to add or subtract tags in the search engine.
  3. Larger variety means more lower quality songs.

Price structure: $69/month for 5 downloads or $139/month for 10 downloads. You can also buy individual tracks where the artist sets the price. Minimum price for an individual track is $15 per track.


2. Audiojungle


  1. Unique option to filter music tempo.
  2. Accurate filters for both song length and price.
  3. Typical single tracks are pretty affordable.


  1. No hand picked songs from lesser known artists to give them exposure.
  2. UI feels slightly dated.
  3. You have to click play to listen to a track.

Price structure: Prices for individual tracks are set by the artist. Single tracks are typically $15-20 while track bundles are typically $50-75.


3. Tunefruit


  1. Tunefruit fresh picks that are hand picked based on quality.
  2. Outstanding customer service.
  3. New price point was recently lowered by 36% to $64.


  1. No way to share a playlist with a colleague.
  2. No option to adjust the scrubber from the results page.
  3. Slow roll out of new songs because of their hand selection process.

Price structure:

Tier 1 (Student Project) $20

Tier 2 (Personal Projects) $30

Tier 3 (Corporate video) $64

Tier 4 (Feature film/Documentary) $250

Tier5 (Regional broadcast advertisement) $500


4. Marmoset


  1. Accurate and customizable searches.
  2. Users can message artists to ask for small changes to a track such as changing instrumentation or adjusting length.
  3. Contour of the tracks are visible right in the front of the playback window.


  1. The playback menu is a little clunky because text is on top of it.
  2. Price for tracks is a bit higher than most other licensing sites.
  3. Anything more than a home video license will typically cost $200.

Price structure: All these tiers are the starting prices. As you add details, the price increases.

Podcast license $29

Photo Slideshow License $49

Home video $69

Wedding portrait $99

Small non-profit $119

Small business $199

Crowdfunding $199

Independent film $199


5. Musicbed


  1. Good quality soundtracks.
  2. Filters are easy to find.
  3. Smaller projects are more affordable.


  1. The layout is a little spartan.
  2. Not many tools on the playback window.
  3. Gets really expensive really fast if your project is anything more than small-scale.

Price structure: Once you add a track to your cart, Music bed will walk through a tree of options including use, employees etc. For example: a Promotional/branded content to be broadcasted externally from a company with 5-10 employees will cost $200.


6. Premium Beat


  1. Smooth and consistent UI which makes it easy to find and customize your search.
  2. Ability to choose a custom loop set.
  3. Includes handy keyboard shortcuts as a small boon to curating efficiency.


  1. Limited options for licensing.
  2. Purchasing tracks can sometimes become confusing.
  3. Site can be a little sluggish at times.

Price structure: Standard licenses are $49 and premium licenses are $199