Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Green Zoneplast (video by Howow)

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From the totally awesome Howow Studio folks in London comes this cool video about bags.

But wait. Not just any bag!

Made from natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives and other materials from natural abundant resources, Green Zoneplast™ is not plastic even though the appearance and application is similar to plastic. It is an environmentally friendly replacement of conventional PE plastic bags.

How freaking cool is that? Now your guilt you carry around with you about using plastic bags is TOTALLY gone. Use these things like crazy, and mother earth won’t send you a karmic lightning bolt!

Howow is a studio specialized in development and production of video for entertainment, commercial and educational. Their motto is “How we make you say wow!” Howow offers a full service, they develop projects from the script to the finished piece.

Want to see what other projects Howow has worked on recently? Of course you do.

Go ahead and click below!

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Tunefruit Featured Music License: Iglu Ski (video by Wooshii)

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Because Wooshii is awesome, and potentially English (actually, they are definitely English), they are what we consider one of the cooler offerings for companies, people, or animals to find reliable creatives to produce either live or animated video for their totally neat-o projects.

In the case of Iglu Ski, Wooshii put together a totally rad snowboard video that helps underline how dedicated Iglu Ski is to helping folks find the right ski and snowboard vacation (or holiday, for non-US folks). The video employs (literally) the employees of the company and some rockin’ graphics that follow the dudes as they descend the mountain.

That all seems pretty cool to us.

Oh…and they used Tunefruit to find the right stock music for their video. 🙂

Interested in how the process of finding a creative on Wooshii might work? We were, too.

Check out the screen shot below for a bit of insight into that question. Of course, click on the picture to move right along to Wooshii.

wooshii screenshot