Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Tout App

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In a nutshell, Tout builds sales apps for salespeople. And, it’s all layered on top of the foundation of the interwebs… email communication.

With the flip of an e-switch (we just came up with that!), you can have Tout reminding you when to email prospects, use macros instead of re-writing the same email over and over, see who is opening your email, and about a hundred other incredible useful email sales tools. Tout really wants to speed up the sales process for your organization.

That seems nifty to us.

Check out what their customers are saying about Tout by clicking on the video above. The videos are just shy of gushing…and really, can you blame them? More sales makes everyone happy, and Tout makes it easier to ring the “bell” more often. We’re thrilled they used Tunefruit to find the right music for these videos, too!

Click on this handy dandy screenshot of Tout’s site to get more info. RIGHT. NOW.




Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: mNectar (prod. by Explainify)

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Those incredible mavens of motion graphics, those wizards-of-explainer-video-goodness are at it again with this Explainify-produced video for mNectar.

mNectar is sorta cool. They allow app companies, publishers, developers, etc. to have potential customers sample their app inside of in-app advertisements.

So instead of just some boring and staid ad experience, you can actually play around with a new app without having to download it first….a try-before-you-buy experience that’s hard to beat. Because…it’s literally free. And that is FREE-king awesome.

Check out mNectar right here:


Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: MagicBlock

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You’ve got kids (or little fruits, in our case), and you want to protect them from…stuff. You know what I’m talking about. The stuff that might get you kicked out of Ms. Webber’s class in 7th grade Home Ec. The stuff that grandma warns you about when you head to Amsterdam’s Red Light District during your first year of college.

As an adult, knowing how to safely navigate the net (or interwebs, for you fun nicknames folks) is second nature, but what about the young ones in the family? Their insatiable appetite for all things ahem…interesting, can lead them down many less-than-savory paths, and into the arms of some exceptionally questionable websites.

Worry not, mom and dad, because you now have a simple and effective option to protect the eyes of your kids…MagicBlock.

It’s sort of like Ronco. Set it and forget it. Just plug your internet box thingy into the this puppy (a wi-fi router) and it handles all the heavy lifting…it just knows what to block, and what not to block.

Want to learn more about MagicBlock? Sure you do. Click the screenshot above.

We’re thrilled they decided to use Tunefruit Stock Music for their video.


Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: LaunchHub (produced by @explainify)

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The gentlemen and ladies of Explainify are back again with this new explainer video for LaunchHub. Explainify knows that Tunefruit is always the place to find excellent stock music that will fit perfectly with their amazing and finely-crafted animated explainer videos. And seriously, hats off to the team for figuring out how to simply explain the idea of a Predictive Mobile Analytics Platform. I bet Explainify’s mom would be proud.

According to the folks over at Explainify:

So you’re a mobile app marketer looking to take your app to the next level, and you want to make sure that your marketing campaign really pays off. With all the unknowns, you need to know how your app will perform in the future. You need LaunchHub.

Click here to learn more about LaunchHub:


@jordanmunson and his first REAL @wistia video



One of our TOTALLY FAVORITE AND LOVELY AND AWESOME FRIENDS, Wistia, does this cool little Friday blog feature called Non-Sequitur Fridays. Customer Champion Jordan Munson did his first official video (he’s done two other videos, but they don’t count, so stop asking) for his blog post today. Of course, he used @Tunefruit to find the perfect track.

Check it out by clicking here:


Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Enzymatics

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Well, go ahead and file new Tunefruit customer Enzymatics under most-ridiculously-smart-and-amazing-health-focused-company-we-have-ever-had-the-pleasure-of-working-with. We’d say that their tagline Catalyzing the Genomic Healthcare Revolution  is self-explanatory, but we misplaced our dictionary (and thesaurus…and calculator) at home. Here’s more info on what they did in their recent video.


“When we launched the Archer FusionPlex Sarcoma Panel last month, we wanted the announcement to grab the recipient’s attention in our email and social campaigns. So we created a short teaser video and found some catchy music on Tunefruit.com.  After deploying the video, we saw an increased open rate over other campaigns and thus greater awareness of the newest member of the Archer FusionPlex Assay line, which allows researchers to sequence the DNA in a tissue sample and identify any of over 50 gene mutations that are associated with various types of sarcoma (a soft-tissue cancer) in a single experiment.”


Check out Enzymatics right here:


Tunefruit Featured Music License: Champion Caregivers (via @Explainify)

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Champion Caregivers want to make sure your mom, dad, or other aging loved one receives the best possible in-home assistance from trustworthy, compassionate caregivers.

Champion approached Explainify to make a video that tells their unique story with a very specific audience in mind: The adult children of those aging and elderly parents in need of personal care.

As always, our hats are off the fine folks over at @explainify. We’re thrilled we could provide the right stock music track to make this video sound…peachy.

Check out Explainify by clicking here:

explainify site




Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

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2x2x300_wht    New Nebraska Logo

We’re thrilled to be able to show off one of our favorite Tunefruit clients, Malone & Co., and their touching video for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s 2014 Gala. To say that the folks at Malone & Co. know their way around a camera is pretty much the understatement of the year. Their work, which includes an impressive roster of clients, always does a great job of combining narrative with beautiful visuals. We are always amazed to watch how they also can combine the perfect Tunefruit stock music track to bring the project to full completion.

This video was specifically used for the The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 2014 Gala and brings forward the fact that 30000 people in the US suffer from Cystic Fibrosis.

We tip our “fruity” hat to Malone & Co.!

Straight from Kate Heller-Thomas of Malone & Co...

This is the second year we have been honored to provide the video for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 2014 Gala. We wanted a very unique approach for this years video, relying on visuals, ambient sounds and music to tell the story of two sisters living with CF. With no dialogue, the music was going to be more important than ever. So we asked Mango and the rest of the TuneFruit bunch to watch our rough edit and search for the perfect stock music piece. They nailed it!

Learn more about The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Nebraska Chapter.

Or, click here to learn more about Malone & Co.:

Malone & Co. site

Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: OXEA (produced by @explainify)

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As is usually the case with Explainify, when we get to license them a great stock music track, we know the explainer video they produce is going to be totally killer. And bam, just like mama told us, this video for OXEA is excellent.

As they tell it:

Our friends at OXEA, a German chemical manufacturing company, asked us to make an educational video explaining the chemical makeup and everyday uses of PVC and plasticizers to the general public. They were so much fun to work with, and had a ton of great ideas for the video! This fun, colorful, and incredibly informative video is an example of what happens when an animated video production company and a client truly collaborate to tell the best story possible.

Here’s what this fruit (Mango) knows. I want to write a song that uses the word plasticizer as a lyric. 🙂

Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Light CMS

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The boys and girls of one of our fave motion graphics and explainer video company, Explainify, just knocked out this beautiful, and very explainer-friendly, video for Light CMS, a Netsuite company.

Light CMS makes creating customer websites a snap. And that’s pretty awesome. And the other awesome thing is this…they used a totally great stock music business track from Tunefruit. See, we knew Explainify had good taste in music.

If you need great stock music, too, consider checking out what we have to offer.

Looking for an awesome explainer video for your company? Check out Explainify.