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It’s a totally sweet deal, and we’re really happy to be able to extend the offer to folks who use Tunefruit to search, listen, and license music for their awesome videos.

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Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Wistia Likes Tunefruit

Well shucks, guys, we like you, too. Wistia (one of our favorite business video analytics teams…mouthful) gave us a nice shout-out (holla at ya boy) on their blog this week. They know that when it comes to finding the right track, Tunefruit gets the job done. We offer thousands of tracks in a variety of genres, and because the entire catalog is curated (human ears listen to EVERY track before inclusion), there’s no need to sort through crap. Because we don’t have any. šŸ™‚

We suggest you go on over to Wistia at this moment and see what they do. Their blog is super informative, witty, brilliantly edited, and puts other competitors to shame. To shame!!!