Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Wistia and Finding Music For Your Video


Because Wistia has got to be one of the coolest little (not-so-much-anymore) video hosting and analytics firms in this great nation of ours (umurica), they decided to do a video on finding music for your video.


You know who they included as a great resource of music for video?



Do yourself a huge favor and watch this 5ish long video about how to pick the right music for your next project.

You can check the video out here: http://wistia.com/learning/choosing-music-for-your-video

And…wait, there’s more. Wistia is offering free music from their own in-house music producer, Dan Mills, too. Free is always fun! Just click below:


Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Guest Post on Wistia


Click the pic below, homie, and avail your bad self of all the knowledge that Tunefruit can possibly offer you…I know…all the knowledge we possess about finding the right music for your project is summed up in one blog. Don’t we get points for being concise? Who wants to read a friggin’ book about this stuff? We don’t. You don’t. My mom doesn’t. Wistia, again with their infinite niceness and super-cool and informative blog, deemed us cool enough to guest post, so we took the opportunity super-seriously. Like, put some pants on, open the blinds, drink a glass of orange juice serious.

Since were here…you should go check out Wistia. Notice how Wistia is a hyperlink? Good. Click it. Right now. Don’t you want to see what they offer? Because it’s Video Analytics. Dang…I just spoiled it. Go over there anyway.
Wistia Loves Tunefruit