In Season ~ 5 Levels of Love for Your Valentine’s Day Video Project

royalty free stock music

royalty free stock musicHey Lovers! It’s time to roll out the chocolates and roses because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Whether you are creating ad content for those Valentine’s gift-givers, compiling a touching memory for your significant other, or trying to seal the deal on your potential new special someone, the right music will set the perfect mood for your romantic Valentine’s Day Video. Picking a track with just the right ‘temperature’ is important. There’s a time and a place for everything, and a track for each level of Love. Let’s explore some Cupid approved options for your Valentine’s day Video Project.  

Wholesome Love – the kind for grandmothers and little kids.  Nothing tells the Family they are loved like a hug, a cute little card, and a box of sweets.

Happy Families by WoodMill

Summer Folk by Young Rich Pixies

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Show Them You care…With Valentine’s Day Stock Music From Tunefruit


Show Them You care…With Valentine’s Day Stock Music Tracks From Tunefruit

Ahhh Valentine’s Day…the single solitary day each year when we get to show those who matter most in our lives how much they mean to us. No, we’re not talking about  our spouses, we’re talking about our customers! At Tunefruit, we love celebrating Valentine’s Day because it’s on this day that we get to showcase some of our favorite sweet and sentimental tunes- tunes that can help you build a long-lasting connection with the special men and women in your life you just couldn’t be without- your customers. And when your customers make a connection between you and these sexy Valentine’s Day sounds, they’ll be forever yours.

At Tunefruit, finding the right Valentine’s Day-inspired track is simple; not only do we have a wide range of lovely, romantic musical selections, but each track has been hand curated by a team of musical experts (and after listening to hundreds of hours of love songs and dreamy ballads to prep for the holiday, they’re really in the mood to make some serious commitments to some very lucky individuals)

But before you dive headfirst into Tunefruit’s vast ocean of musical-love, let’s talk about the three types of Valentines Day Tracks. We hope this makes your music search even easier.

The “Up-tempo, Energetic” Valentine’s Stock Music Track

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day can be a good time to tell someone, “I know we’re still getting to know each other, but I think you’re really swell.” If you want to show you care without coming on too strong, use a fun, peppy track like Brighter Day in you Valentine’s-inspired video.

The, “Candlelit Dinner” Valentine’s Day Stock Music Track

Who can deny the magic of a passionate evening spent in the company of that special someone. Whenever I hear a song like Valentine’s Romanza, it makes me want to do something nice for someone that means a lot to me. Maybe this Valentine’s Day, I’ll make a reservation for two at that new restaurant that just opened up downtown. I think it’s called, Fat Hank’s Rib Depot. Use this track in you video if you want to tell your customers, “You mean so much to me.” Ribs are romantic, right?

The, “I love you, marry me” Valentine’s Stock Music Track

This type of track is a real tearjerker. Every time I hear a song like Wedding Vows, I well up inside with feelings of tenderness, and cry out, “I just want to be loved!” Then I call in sick from work, put on sweatpants and eat and entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream while watching Love Actually. Use this song in your Valentine’s Day track to tell your customers, “I want to be with you forever.”

So there you have it. This Valentine’s Day, we hope your heart is filled with love, and the bond you share with your customers is stronger than ever. Take these next two weeks to really evaluate your most important relationships because before you know it, the holiday will have passed you by, and you’ll have to wait an entire year for another chance to say, “I love you.”

And from all of us at Tunefruit, happy Valentine’s Day!


Tunefruit is Going Bananas: All You Need is Love?


Valentine’s Day—ugh! It’s all about love and romance and giant stuffed bears. I hate bears! What about all those other feelings and emotions out there? Like suspicion, enlightened and hate. You know … like my hatred of bears (ugh!). These feelings need some love, too!

Maybe it’s the fact that I just got off the phone with my cable company, but I find myself wanting to discuss hatred. Apparently, everything is my fault. So, now I’m in a coffee shop brooding in my uber-caffeinated rage. Grab your pitchforks and torches; we’ve got a monster to destroy!

Anyway … Hate. Basically, it’s just as strong of an emotion as love. It makes you do things that you wouldn’t do in a sober state of mind, and causes you to see people and things through a distorted lens. I seem to have led you down the path towards the plot of “Frankenstein,” so let’s follow that yellow, brick road.

Now, Frankenstein creates this “monster” and instead of loving it as his own, he turns his back on it. Frightened by the monster, he refuses to share an emotional connection with it, which immediately polarizes the situation and creates confrontation (which is how every call to your cable company goes). This creates a sort of paradox.

When two people share emotional connections, we call that love. But what if the emotional connection they’re sharing is hate? I just blew your mind. … Hate is really complicated; it’s not all the same. If you look at a fight, there is usually hate involved, but the reason for the hatred brings about the real dynamics. Who cares about that? Well everyone watching the movie does; it’s standard character development (my fourth grade English teacher would be so proud).

Check out the final fight between Luke Skywalker and his father. This is a really complicated version of hate. Try and count the number of emotions shown in the scene—there are a lot! But listen to the music, too; it’s got all sorts of tension in it.

Notice how it’s not just about hate? Emotions are really complicated, which is precisely why we at Tunefruit created the concept of Deep Tagging™ for your music searches. Maybe you’re looking for true, irrational hate (my hatred of bears); or maybe your hate is coming from frustration (my phone company situation); or just maybe you’re fighting your father to the death while his boss watches until he joins in and tries to kill you both with the fate of the entire universe at stake.

We can safely say we at Tunefruit have already accounted for all of this madness in our music-searching system … You’re welcome.


Tunefruit Featured License: Knock Knock Stuff

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have our newest (and coolest) license to show everyone. This puppy comes straight from Knock Knock Stuff, a really cool little company that sells neato gifts in the $5-25 range. Which is good, because this Mango only has $20 to his name. And my lady deserves only the best that $20 can buy this Valentine’s Day. Right? No sir, no more stealing flowers from the back of floral shops, or collecting chocolate samples at my local Costco. Which I do not currently have a membership for. I’m holding out. I know. Get off my back. I do NOT need that much toilet paper or soap at one time.