Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Royalty Free Rock Music


Yo. How’s your summer going?

Solid. Glad to hear it.

Does your mom know your into that kind of stuff? Look, no judgment from us, just be safe.

So, getting back to the matter at hand, how hard is it to find really good royalty free rock music online? The answer should be, not hard at all, Mango, because Tunefruit has made it easy to search, listen, and license great rock music. Oh, stop it, you enterprising video editor person-type thing, you, we can’t stand the continued flow of compliments.

Are you looking for the next White Stripes, Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, or U2? We have rock artists uploading fantastic royalty free rock music ALL>THE>TIME. I mean, seriously, we just received another batch of totally killer rock music while I’m sitting here typing this post up.

We know you probably can’t secure that 1 million dollar license for your favorite Beatles track, but you can find totally awesome stock rock tracks that run the gamut from 60’s rock, 70’s stoner rock, 80’s hair metal, 90’s grunge, and current rock styles.

Check out all of our newest royalty free stock rock music right now. Do it.

Tunefruit Rock Playlist 

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: The Real Thing


Check it out: The Real Thing

Epic, beautiful, driving…the words of every ad agency ad in existence…and you know what? This song delivers the deliverables. Big U2 and Tenth Avenue North (look it up, homey, don’t be lazy) guitar lines crash into big ole’ Coldplay pulsar drums and thick foundation-yummy bassline. Corporate America wants its rock big, and we want them to have it, too. Please, take my Rock (say it in a Rodney Dangerfield voice, and the joke totally lands).

Ya know….this track also has a serious Snow Patrol vibe going on, too. So here is a Snow Patrol vid. Get into it for a sec, I know there’s a long intro…jeesh.