Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Sprint (prod. by Elevate Pictures)

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elevate pictures

Elevate Pictures, based out of C-Town (do people call Columbus this?), Ohio (it’s high in the middle, yo) produced this nice motion graphics project for Sprint using some sweet, sweet Tunefruit music.

Want to learn more about Elevate Pictures and the totally awesome video and film work they provide to clients? Of course you do. Click the screenshot below, dude.

elevate pictures website

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Veterans United’s Newest Video

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Check out our newest featured stock music license from Veterans United. We think it’s totally ready for your viewing….don’t run, click, on this video!

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Nasuni

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We’re as thrilled to be helping Nasuni license great stock music for their client testimonial videos as our interns are for peach cobbler on a warm summer day here in Atlanta.

Check out Nasuni’s latest testimonial video for Sedgwick LLP. If you like tech-speak, well buddy, you are going to love this video. But seriously, Nasuni is helping small, medium, and large corporations handle their data every day.

Here’s what you need to know, straight from Nasuni’s (sort-of) mouth…if a corporation had a mouth:

Nasuni is used by organizations around the world to store, protect, manage and distribute many different types of data.CAD drawingsproduct schematics, Office documents and movies and videos. Companies are using Nasuni for some of their hardest storage challenges like:

Check out Nasuni here:
nasuni website

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Lucid Pictures

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Lucid Pictures_Final_300

Lucid Pictures is a script-to-screen, video production service located in the Philadelphia area.  We work with businesses and non-profits to produce marketing, training and knowledge management videos.


Welcoming our newest Tunefruit client to the fold, we have the Philadelphia-based Lucid Pictures. This new whiteboard video does a fantastic job of explaining the value of the excellent whiteboard videos produced by Lucid Pictures. That sure felt like a tongue-twister, but it reads just fine!

Need to convey a clear marketing message via video? These are your go-to guys, right here, buddy. 🙂

lucid pictures web

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Veterans United Home Loans

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Check out the newest Tunefruit Featured Music License from Veterans United. They are always striving to help United States Veterans achieve homeownership.

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Promoboxx

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How cool is Promoboxx? A graduate of TechStars in 2011, the company has built a simple and effective way for brands to push out effective localized co-marketing efforts to their associated retailers.

This is brand-to-retailer marketing for 2014.

The latest Tunefruit featured music license for Promoboxx focuses on helping retailers pick out (via Content Discovery) relevant social media messages from their parent brand.

You can find more info about Content Discovery by clicking HERE.


Tunefruit Featured Music License: Iglu Ski (video by Wooshii)

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wooshii new logo
Because Wooshii is awesome, and potentially English (actually, they are definitely English), they are what we consider one of the cooler offerings for companies, people, or animals to find reliable creatives to produce either live or animated video for their totally neat-o projects.

In the case of Iglu Ski, Wooshii put together a totally rad snowboard video that helps underline how dedicated Iglu Ski is to helping folks find the right ski and snowboard vacation (or holiday, for non-US folks). The video employs (literally) the employees of the company and some rockin’ graphics that follow the dudes as they descend the mountain.

That all seems pretty cool to us.

Oh…and they used Tunefruit to find the right stock music for their video. 🙂

Interested in how the process of finding a creative on Wooshii might work? We were, too.

Check out the screen shot below for a bit of insight into that question. Of course, click on the picture to move right along to Wooshii.

wooshii screenshot