“Loving it” Tunefruit Weekly Stock Music Playlist for July 20th


It’s July, and you’re a little parched, but what will quench this thirst? Well buddy, Super Duper Amazing Stock Music Straight From The Cow (uh….well, really our amazing artists, but we were heading the whole milk-from-the-cow route) will do the job.

Check out our latest HOT tracks that we wanted to highlight this week:

Prost! Oktoberfest Drinking Music” – Matthew Reid

OK, it’s not October (Oktober?) yet, but that’s no reason to not enjoy a cold one and this spirited drinking-compliant polka.  As the title says, “Prost!” (that means “cheers” – a salutation intended to be accompanied by a beer.)  Bottoms up!

Rainbow After the Rain” – Evdokim

Ukulele tracks are all the rage these days.  Bonus points for handclaps.  This cute, bouncy and extremely cheery track brings not only all that, but some whistling as an added bonus.  Piles of smiles to brighten your day.

For Triumph or Tragedy” – vpedulla

You would think that “Triumph” and “Tragedy” would not represent the same piece of music, but in this case they absolutely do.  This epic and heroic orchestral track sounds a little like the olympics, as set in Middle Earth.

Pure Joy” – John Judd

If Katy Perry made a track for a kickstarter campaign it would probably sounds something like this.  It’s teen energy and youthful spunk combine with a positive uplifting spirit that would bring motivation to any presentation.

Crazy Train” – ikoliks

Best described as “Punk Rock Surf Music” – at least up until the unexpectedly “Wild West” sounding breakdown in the middle.  Perhaps this is what it would sound like if No Doubt and Green Day had a child that scored a Quentin Tarantino film.

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Uplifting Royalty Free Music


You know, here at Chez Tunefruit, a lot of people (peeps) ask us to find music for them that has that certain “uplifting”  element that just makes everything seem so frigging triumphant and a-ok. And boy oh freaking boy, do we have a ton of royalty free uplifting music. We’ve got it with strings, guitars, bells, orchestras, rock bands, singers, choirs, cows (seriously), basses, and many, many drums!

Want to hear some of our yummy triumphant and uplifting music, ready for video projects? Fine. but after we give you this list, you have to give us at least two weeks worth of break. Maybe ask us for a Giorgio Moroder sounding track, instead. That would be a fun music search. I mean…as much as we LOVE Coldplay, our brains (and ears) like a little musical exercise every once in a while.

Ok. Here you go: Royalty Free Uplifting Music