Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Tout App

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In a nutshell, Tout builds sales apps for salespeople. And, it’s all layered on top of the foundation of the interwebs… email communication.

With the flip of an e-switch (we just came up with that!), you can have Tout reminding you when to email prospects, use macros instead of re-writing the same email over and over, see who is opening your email, and about a hundred other incredible useful email sales tools. Tout really wants to speed up the sales process for your organization.

That seems nifty to us.

Check out what their customers are saying about Tout by clicking on the video above. The videos are just shy of gushing…and really, can you blame them? More sales makes everyone happy, and Tout makes it easier to ring the “bell” more often. We’re thrilled they used Tunefruit to find the right music for these videos, too!

Click on this handy dandy screenshot of Tout’s site to get more info. RIGHT. NOW.




Tunefruit is Going Bananas: ToutApp talks us up…and we like it.


The cool folks over at ToutApp were nice enough to “tout” us (I am so disappointed in myself) in a blog post that talks about making quality video content…it’s super-relevant, so they were nice enough to allow us to repost:

Tunefruit is music to my ears…literally. 

Music truly makes or breaks a video and at times is the only audio throughout it. So, choosing the best music to place in your video is kinda a big deal. In order to make sure our videos stay uppity and have emotion we use Tunefruit. Tunefruit, a modern music marketplace, has a wide variety of content contributors with all kinds of great music genres. You will be sure to find some fresh picks for your marketing videos.

Thanks, ToutApp!

What is ToutApp all about? Basically they make email AWESOME.

In a world that is more “connected” than ever before, technology still does not facilitate meaningful conversations. Twitter limits to 140 characters and Facebook minimizes to 1-click actions. We believe E-Mail is still the most viable platform for having meaningful conversations and we’re here to fix its problems.

10 years from now, we believe we’ll still be using E-Mail. Except, it’ll be 10x better, and E-Mail as we know it now will be vastly different. We are here to lead that movement to evolve E-Mail.