Tunefruit Daily Freshpicks:


An old Irish melody re-jiggered for the modern era? This track sort of does that. With bits and pieces of modern instruments…think synths, drum machines, and more traditional strings and such, this track takes on an almost Thomas Newman (you know, American Beauty’s composer) vibe.

It pulses with ebb and flow at each little turn, and ends up being a totally killer contender for inclusion into your next film.

Check it out: Summer Music

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Magical Madness

Check it out: Magical Madness

This delicate and positive lullaby-like royalty free music track starts off with piano, clarinet, celesta, castanets and ukulele playing an almost hypnotic, yet simple and catchy rhythmic pattern. The atmospherical, yet driving and flowing energy of this introduction transitions later on into a brighter and a bit more energetic and fuller sound, featuring mandolin, acoustic guitars, classical nylon guitars, synth marimba, bells, light orchestral tones, cymbals and some very minimal percussion.