Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Does Mother’s Day music even exist?



Hey there.

It’s sort of funny to think about, but does Mother’s Day really have a specific type of music that the holiday is associated with?

Is it all happy ukulele and bouncy rhythms like this track: Ukulele Music For Mother’s Day

Or maybe it’s lovey-dovey (is that how you spell that totally crazy word thing?) and kind-hearted piano music: Piano Music For Mother’s Day

You know what, it’s probably more about the strings and harps: String and Harp Music for Mother’s Day

Maybe it doesn’t matter…your mom will love you know matter what type of music you license for this gloriously awesome day of mom celebration.

Tunefruit Featured License: Mesh Multimedia

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Stephen Mackey, Creative Director of Mesh Multimedia, put together this touching short film that describes the characteristics of valor. We don’t normally get gooey on the ole’ TF blog, but we wanted to highlight this really fantastic project.

If you dig the royalty free piano and string music used in this video, you can check it out here: Royalty Free Piano Music


Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: The Final Battle

this track is really great

Check it out: The Final Battle

Hey. You. Yeah, YOU. Lookin’ for a John Williams type of track? Yeah? Cool…come here. Around the corner. Where no one will bother us. Man, this track has GOT it all…it offers sweeping strings, pulsing percussion, serious highs, and thoughtful lows…I can kind of imagine this track being used to sell the closing scenes of an epic and hard-won battle. Heck, on the end, you even have a bit of filler for when the dude finally gets the girl, the lights go up, and the credits roll. Enjoy. We know once you get taste, you’ll be back.

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Busting Loose

Check it Out: Busting Loose

Who doesn’t like the pulsating, pounding, absolutely friggin’ scary/nasty (take your pick) Fear Factor franchise? With contestants being tasked (and choosing) to eat live spiders and cow testicles, jump into raw sewage, shave off their eye brows, and kidnap their in-laws (OK,  maybe that never happened), this show set the bar for reality show craziness. But you know what? It had absolutely KILLER music, and it sounded like a cross between an eastern European orchestra and a Michael Bay movie car explosion. Well, good news, we have hundreds of these types of thunderous, driving, royalty free music tracks.

We particularly like the track above. With big strings, HUGE drum and percussion sections, and multiple sections, you can edit to your heart’s content and have a supremely professional sounding soundtrack for your video project! Click it now and listen!