Tunefruit Featured Music License: Kidbusy (prod. by Foster & Flux)

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The gentlemen over at Foster & Flux (somebody send them an award for Awesome Agency Name, please) just finished putting together this little gem of a customer video for Kidbusy, a totally awesome social network for millennial moms. Moms can get recommendations for things like Car Seats, or find out how other moms handle the daily grind with grace and a smile. Awesome.

This would explain why we have not received our invite to join the network. We are both fruits, and, from the looks of it, not moms. Fair enough.  We’re still thrilled they used some quirky cute stock music from our catalog. Yay!

What’s the deal with with Foster & Flux you ask? Boom:

“Foster & Flux make things from scratch: web videos, tv commercials, promotional stories and more. No templates. No formulas. We dig for the heart of your brand’s story and then handcraft it into something beautiful, moving and smart.”

Tunefruit Featured License: Blueline Connect

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The latest video from Blueline Connect (developed by Bratton Technologies), produced by The Buzz Lab, outlines a new professional social network for Law Enforcement. Which is totally cool. The basic notion is that this platform will allow different police departments across the land to share information and communicate with each other.

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