Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Nawi

Well folks, file this awesome stock music license under SUPER-CUTE.

Nawi, an LA-based kids clothing, blankies, and plushies shop is 100% cute-overload. Focusing on dinosaurs (lovingly referred to as “dinos”) much the same way this little music licensing company likes to get fruity with our little bananas and mangos and kiwis, everything is made here in the US. Pretty cool.

Founders Nas and Whitney met up in New York in 2002. Fast forward to 2012, and Whitney’s daughter was totally digging on the dinos, and she was in the nascent phases of potty-training. Realizing that dropping some dinosaur action on her big-girl underwear could potentially persuade her daughter’s participation, she hatched Nawi with Nas.

With a focus on creating and manufacturing locally and a plan for sustainability (using shredded plastic bottles!), Nawi was born.

Ladies, nice origin story. And of course, we’re thrilled they used our quirky production music for their product and company video!


Tunefruit Featured Music License: Kidbusy (prod. by Foster & Flux)

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG


The gentlemen over at Foster & Flux (somebody send them an award for Awesome Agency Name, please) just finished putting together this little gem of a customer video for Kidbusy, a totally awesome social network for millennial moms. Moms can get recommendations for things like Car Seats, or find out how other moms handle the daily grind with grace and a smile. Awesome.

This would explain why we have not received our invite to join the network. We are both fruits, and, from the looks of it, not moms. Fair enough.  We’re still thrilled they used some quirky cute stock music from our catalog. Yay!

What’s the deal with with Foster & Flux you ask? Boom:

“Foster & Flux make things from scratch: web videos, tv commercials, promotional stories and more. No templates. No formulas. We dig for the heart of your brand’s story and then handcraft it into something beautiful, moving and smart.”