Tunefruit is Going Bananas: We just added like a Bazillion stock music tracks

Hello there, friends 🙂

Happy Post-4th of July. Or, happy SUPER LATE July 1st (wassup Canada). We just wanted to say “hey”, and let you know we added a bunch of tracks in the last 30 days. What kind of tracks? DubstepRockIndiePopOrchestral, and that weird stuff that we just file under “Quirky/OffBeat“. And of course, lots of Business Corporate tracks…admit it, you know you like ’em.

When it comes to finding the perfect background music for your video, we’ll have you in and out in minutes. It’s not that we don’t love spending time with you (we do!) We love you (and all of our customers) and want you to have the best experience and then roll on with your summer day.

Speaking of how you spend your summer days, here’s how some people spend theirs:
Ain’t got time to do your own search? We’re always happy to do your music search for you (for a very reasonable handling fee). 

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Heights

Check it out: Heights

Sometimes you just need a thoughtful, beautiful royalty free music track for your project, right? Like…you want everyone who sees your project to start balling like a big baby. This track is probably the going to get you the tears you are so desperately looking for. Singing about being ‘scared of heights’, the song is really about being able (or not being able) to take that next step in life. Melody Ann Jones pairs her voice with simple piano and guitar to help punctuate the heartache and worry that the song conveys.

Listen to more of Melody Ann Jones: Tunefruit Playlist

Similar Artists: Sarah McLachlan, Michelle Branch, Natalie Imbruglia

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Psy Gangnam Style

I mean, what needs to be said here?

The only real question that remains: Should our curators at Tunefruit use Psy Gangnam Style as a searchable tag for our customers? Will this little piece of pop culture make it to the new year?

Cast your vote now.

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness…Katy Perry

Yeah, we all know it. Katy Perry is hot. Not just physically, though…she has the goods musically. Her and Dr. Luke have racked up a small city’s worth of hits in the last 3 years, including hits like Fireworks, I Kissed A Girl, California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Hot n Cold, and Waking up in Vegas (sorry, we can’t include ET..too much Kanye!). These tracks have a lot in common, including big kick drums, snares that smack your face and sugary sweet vocals and guitars. All of it together makes for a ready-made pop smash.

We’ve compiled a playlist of songs that have that same kind of sweet, kiss-your-girlfriend-in-the-rain, drive the 101 with the top down, quit-your-job-to-follow-your-dream magic. What are you waiting for…go listen!

Check it out: Sweet Pop Goodness