Huckleberry Heard It Through The Grapevine Week 3: Stock Music Licensing Specialist



Worry not everyone…  Huck is here with your weekly sampling platter of our ripest stock music tracks.  I’ve got an eclectic mix of tunes for you this week.

Let’s get into it:

Listen Now: Through The Grapevine July 21 Full Playlist

1.  Love Doesn’t Cost A Thingstevericemusic

For all you old souls out there, stevericemusic has got just the track for you.  Imagine a day in the park playing chess or strolling on the boardwalk, a cup of coffee in one hand, your loved one’s hand in the other.  No matter what, this accordion-led track will have your spirits high.

2.  CowabungaGarySWolk

And now something for you wild young folk.  Grab your surf board and get ready to hang ten after you grab some sodas at the surf shop.  GarySWolk’s surf-rock reverb is making waves through the speakers on this stock track.

3.  Funk TimeWalt Kosar

“I feel good!” is what James Brown would say if he heard this funky jam Walk Kosar has given us.  All aboard the Soul Train! Next stop Funky Town!

4.  Space Trip GamePlastic3

Prepare for lift off because Plastic3 is taking us on an intergalactic stock music rave flight.  The very cosmos itself cannot resist being taken by this track and moving its ever-expanding body to the beat.

5.  Know Your StrengthAndy Kotz-AKMusic Productions

Andy Kotz has constructed an entire futuristic city and within that city, there you are, relaxing at some upscale futuristic bar drinking your futuristic martini listening to this track seeping in from the overhead speakers.

6.  Curious GhostBenW

This mysterious and atmospheric track from BenW hints at an asian influence in its production at its beginning and then takes a serious left turn into a killer trip-hop track full of glitches, echoes, reverse effects, you name it.  Check out this artist’s other tracks because he creates excellent soundscapes for your earholes to get lost in.

7.  LyricallivingroomClassics

To end this week’s playlist, I’ll leave you guys with this beautiful and heart warming piano and flute led piece from livingroomClassics.  This track sounds as if it was pulled from a Miyazaki film soundtrack and the feeling you get from it stays with you long after it has ended.