“Loving it” Weekly December 18th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our library that I just absolutely love!

Listen Now: “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 20

  1. “Desert Wave” – Marc Beasley

Great title. Makes me want to take to the highways listening to this lovely and laid back stock track. I really dig the indie vibe going on with the combo of guitar and piano drifting along.

  1. “Happy Hour” – Peter M.

You can hear this type of track often, so when you write this type of track, it has to be GOOD. With that said, you have done a wonderful job with this lovely, cheerful children’s stock track.

  1. “Into the Atmosphere” – stevecollom

Like I’ve said before, I’m always a sucker for slow, emotional piano tracks, and this one even builds up to a climactic finish! Beautiful! It’d be great if I could just wake up to this every day.

  1. “La Belle Aventure” – Vlad Els

Speaking of being a sucker for certain tracks – I also love grand, sweeping orchestral pieces. My faves are the ones where I feel like I’m not just a fruit but a hero! A heroic fruit! YES.

  1. “Clean Business“ – muscosound

Here’s a title that really captures the track. If I was thinking to myself, hmm I want a clean trip down my computer’s circuit board (never said that before) this would be the background song.

  1. “Dont Give Up” – AGsoundtrax

Well isn’t this just a peaceful and loving stock music track! If you are sitting fireside with a loved one, you got to put this track on and just sit back and relax. Thank you, AGsoundtrax.

  1. “Sign My Yearbook” – T_mber Music Supply

Sign this yearbook STAT. What have you been doing all day besides signing yearbooks? Nothing. If signing means more awesome, feel good music, we need more signatures.

  1. “Aquatic Flow” – jluecke

Woah. I’m really digging this soothing stock track. The guitar harmonies building into an emotional, nostalgic rhythm is hitting all the right notes. Time for me to just relax to this sound.

  1. “Positive Acoustic Country” – ilyatruhanov

This is such a wonderful track. I’m loving the mixture of acoustic strumming, intertwined guitars and country feel. Perfect track for cruising the country roads, with the windows down.

10. “Double Trap” – dreikelvin

AH YEAH. Here’s a hip stock music track that really captures today’s mixture of electronic and hip hop. If you’re in the mood to find what all those crazy kids are listening to, check this out.



“Loving it” Weekly August 12th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist



I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our library that I just absolutely love!

Listen to Guava’s “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 10

1. “Kicking It” – MLMusic

I’m kicking this playlist off with…well…”Kicking It”. Look, these type of things just fall in my lap! But uh, yeah dawg, I know you all are feeling this as well! Straight chillin’ with my fruit homies!

2. “A Dark Night Rises” – Peter M.

Who doesn’t love the entire Dark Knight Trilogy? Peter, you’ve finally inspired me to order my specialized Batman outfit. Extra round, if ya know what I mean. Somebody fire up the Bat-Signal.

3. “Looking Down On The Stars” – Ekoplex

I’m scared of heights. Even looking up just gives me the heebie jeebies, so I’ll avoid going above the stars. But, if I was up there, I imagine this would be the perfect emotive, background track.

4. “Eggnog & Powertools” – Android Garden

I’m no Tim Allen the Toolman, but I know nothing constructed after my Christmas party will ever work. But you can trust me when I say, this song is one great, quirky Christmas track.

5. “Gorgeous” – Anton Atom

Nobody takes me serious when I’ve got my sexy vibe going strong. I’ll be cruising in my super cool car and everyone’s just like “meh.” Well no longer, cause I’ll be playing this sleek song!

6. “Keep Running” – Pat

Argh, I’m so tired but anything for you Pat! Everybody needs to stretch before this song because it’s a great, emotional track that captures a building sense of energetic news/current affairs.

7. “Strange Holiday” – BenW

Straight outta the mid-90’s! I’m digging this Ben. It’s like I’m DJ Shadow spinning some old skool tracks with a smooth flute melody. Kick back and relax to this one peeps.

8. “In The Club” – Kubed

Do I get VIP status with this track Kubed?? I want in this club stat. Great electro house track that’s perfect for the young 20-somethings of this generation whenever they’re throwing down.

9. “Dancing With The Muse” – Kamarius

I don’t have a muse. But if this track is anything like dancing with a muse, somebody get me one ASAP! Truly a hypnotic track that makes great use of female vocal effects.

10. “Epic Electro Music” – Branco G

When you say epic electro music, you’ve got to live up to it. And my friends, Branco definitely executed this track perfectly. Hold on to your socks cause they’re about to get blown off.