Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Cornell Forge (prod. by Malone & Co.)

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Our latest stock music license comes from the studios of Malone & Co. They produced this awesomely metal brand video for Cornell Forge Company. Cornell is an American forging company (family-owned and open for more than 80 years!), and they can forge just about anything a customer needs. Like what? Well, glad you asked, buddy…

They handle press, hammer, near-net, and net forgings. This fruit has no idea what any of that is, but just watching them work the steel in video makes me want to find out 🙂

Want to learn a little more about Cornell Forge Company? Click below:


“Loving it” Weekly September 23rd Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist



I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our library that I just absolutely love!

Listen Now: “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 13

  1. “Schadenfreude” – jpsheg

I already did the Google work for you. “Schadenfreude” means the pleasure derived from the misfortune of others. This track contrasts between a soft melody and heavy alternative vibe.

  1. “Know Time Wasted” – dton3z

WOAH! There’s one heavy beat dropped on this stock music track. I mean if you’re looking for that contemporary flair all the youth is styling, just groove to this track and you got it.

  1. “Valse de Avenue” – cAudio

Ahhh oui oui! Alright, that’s all the French I actually know. But man, oh man, does this track not just grab your inner French self and make you want to travel down a canal on a gondola?

  1. “Border” – OnBothSides

If you all have heard of Tommy Guerrero, you will hear the similarities. A great, laid back stock music track that just lets you cruise in that cityscape in a subtly emotive mood.

  1. “Chillin’ With A Mai Tai” – lyndie58

Summer isn’t over! I will resist you Fall, and to do so, I’ll be playing this track on repeat with a nice cold mai tai. So everybody join in with me, imagine the beach, and play this track.

  1. “Absolution” – Score Studio

What you guys think I would let a playlist go without an epicly awesome stock track? This is one emotional, hybrid orchestral ride. I am, once again, a superhero waiting for my moment.

  1. “Rain on Me” – Synchrotron

I feel like there’s a melancholic aura surrounding aspects of this playlist. Hey, I don’t mind. This track is another very well written piece. Just float along with these eerie guitar effects.

  1. “Mansion Tour” – T_mber Music Supply

I have never been on a mansion tour. Most people don’t even let me near their mansions, so I just try to imagine what it’s like. Luckily, this track provides a beautiful waltzing tune to help.

  1. “Tipsy In Tuscany” – MusicGuy

Who wouldn’t want to grab some nice wine in the beautiful countryside? Well, I’d guess it’s pretty expensive. Thankfully, we can just buy cheap wine and play this track!

10. “Butterfly” – ludwigamadeus

I’m going to cap this playlist off with another stock music track that exemplifies me holding onto summer. We’ve got one great, jazzy trip hop sound that just exudes a breezy attitude.

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Wistia (Email Directly!)

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As is to be expected, our latest Featured Music License from Wistia, which deals with emailing folks DIRECTLY if you want something done, is concise, cute, and perfectly shot and edited. We’re always thrilled when Wistia considers us for music, and look forward to upcoming videos!

Click on this handy little screenshot below to check out the video using our music.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Does Mother’s Day music even exist?



Hey there.

It’s sort of funny to think about, but does Mother’s Day really have a specific type of music that the holiday is associated with?

Is it all happy ukulele and bouncy rhythms like this track: Ukulele Music For Mother’s Day

Or maybe it’s lovey-dovey (is that how you spell that totally crazy word thing?) and kind-hearted piano music: Piano Music For Mother’s Day

You know what, it’s probably more about the strings and harps: String and Harp Music for Mother’s Day

Maybe it doesn’t matter…your mom will love you know matter what type of music you license for this gloriously awesome day of mom celebration.

Tunefruit Featured License: Farm Rich

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

The folks from Dad’s Garage produced the latest video for Farm Rich, and it’s mighty tasty to watch. It’s time to get SUPER-ready for the SUPERbowl with some yummy Superbowl snacks, and Farm Rich knows just what it will take to make your game day feast perfect for all guests. Yep. Even this fruit can appreciate a well-made sandwich.


Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: The music of Bernard Herrmann and Music for Your Videos

Every now and again, we here at Tunefruit get a case of Vertigo and feel the need to sit down. It’s during this time, that we worry we might be getting Psycho over the super-duper high-quality of artists and music from said artists in our catalog. We’ve searched high and low, and even make a Journey to the Center of the Earth (only once a month, as it is very hard to expense) to find the best hot jams that we hope you enjoy using in all sorts of different ways with video and film.

Now, I might be The Wrong Man (or Mango) to say this, but I think that having to slog through hundreds and thousands of tracks to find just the right one is for The Birds. We make the process a heckuva lot easier with our Advanced Search function (try a search for Bernard Herrmann, and you might find tracks that hearken back to all the great Hitchcock film soundtracks). You can also just contact us directly, and we will roll out the red carpet (yeah, couldn’t squeeze in another movie ref) and handle your music licensing search for you.

Oh…wait…I see what happened there. I just pointed out a few of the many fantastic movies that Bernard Herrmann scored music for. Very clever. Very clever, indeed.


Tunefruit Knows the Hotness: Sneaky Royalty Free Music

Zany and sort of silly, a good cartoon-ish caper sequence always works better when you have matching sneaky music to match it up with.

And yes…the ahem…to “underscore” the importance of great stock caper music with picture, I present to you a favorite childhood movie, The Great Muppet Caper:

If you want to listen to and license a fantastic selection of royalty free caper music, go here:

Caper and Sneaky Stock Music on Tunefruit

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: We just added like a Bazillion stock music tracks

Hello there, friends 🙂

Happy Post-4th of July. Or, happy SUPER LATE July 1st (wassup Canada). We just wanted to say “hey”, and let you know we added a bunch of tracks in the last 30 days. What kind of tracks? DubstepRockIndiePopOrchestral, and that weird stuff that we just file under “Quirky/OffBeat“. And of course, lots of Business Corporate tracks…admit it, you know you like ’em.

When it comes to finding the perfect background music for your video, we’ll have you in and out in minutes. It’s not that we don’t love spending time with you (we do!) We love you (and all of our customers) and want you to have the best experience and then roll on with your summer day.

Speaking of how you spend your summer days, here’s how some people spend theirs:
Ain’t got time to do your own search? We’re always happy to do your music search for you (for a very reasonable handling fee). 

Tunefruit Featured License: eMinutes (video by The Buzz Lab)

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Straight from California, our latest Featured License comes from eMinutes, produced by the totally killer “explainer video” company, The Buzz Lab.

This explainer video spends a quick sec explaining the process of starting a business. And guess what? It ain’t easy-peasy. There are tons of awesome, less-than-awesome, and totally-not-at-all-awesome hurdles that a new business has to jump through. And eMinutes has totally got the hook-up. Boom! www.eminutes.com

The boys (and maybe girls…we haven’t checked, yet) of The Buzz Lab are the brains behind this explainer video, and we think they do a bang-friggin-up job of conveying eMinutes basic message. The Buzz Lab folks are a Los Angeles-based video production and promotion company that produces “explainer videos” for websites, companies, products, apps and extensions.

Their specialty (ours happens to be making veggie burgers…in case you were wondering) is taking complex concepts and simplifying them down to bite-sized motion graphic videos and live action profile videos that are both entertaining to watch and easy to understand. And pretty much, that sort of explains “explainer videos”.



Tunefruit Knows the Hotness: Business Corporate Music

Tunefruit-The-HotnessFirst of all, I know what you’re thinking…business corporate music is not the hotness. We get it. When you’re with your lady (or man…we dig it, homey) and you want to hit the town on a Friday night in Wichita (or LA, you hipster, you), you want to boogie down to something that Pitchfork gave a solid 8.5 rating to. But after you wake up from your bender on Monday morning, the cold, and very likely, harsh reality, is that the video project you are working on for your scrappy little startup needs a little less hand-clap-reverb-tank-PBR, and a bit more strings-coldplay-triumphant-winning music underscore attitude.

Fear not.

We’ve compiled all of our bangin’ (come on, just go with it) Business Corporate Music for Projects right here:

Business Corporate Music Playlist

And because we’re talking about corporate music….