Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Look at this Instagram

Friggin’ College Humor does it again with this hilarious Insta-classic (see what I did there?) of a parody. Taking all your favorite parts of Nickelback’s classic (ahem…) song Photograph and re-adjusting the lyrics for our 2012 obsession of Instagram, you’ll have a hard time not wincing at least five times while watching…because they are talking about you…and me…and your sister. It’s soooo pitiful that I…oh wait…wow, that sunset peeking through the window is beautiful…I need to use the Nashville filter for this….

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Silverspoon Rebel

Check it out: Silverspoon Rebel

It’s little bits of Jason Mraz, sprinkled with James Taylor’s soaring upper-range sitting on top of a solidly adult-contemporary smooth groove. Don’t let that scare you away, as his way of channeling Bob Dylan to tell an interesting story about his cross-country adventure is nothing short of captivating…and he uses a wah-wah guitar lick to simulate a lady talking. So, that happened, too.

We like this track enough that we just want to sit around and listen to it, forget about all this licensing chatter. Ok…don’t forget about it, but ya know what we’re sayin’.

Check out this video from the artist…different song, still cool:

Tunefruit Daily Freshpicks: Finish What You Started

Check it out: Finish What You Started

Raucous, vicious, and downright….DOWNHOME. That’s right, if you need a royalty free music track that takes a turn for the country, this might be a match. The female vocalist brings to mind Miranda Lambert and Martina McBride (esteemed company, eh?), while the band is pure Nashville gold. You can hear the cans of Miller be cracked open as we speak at state fairs across the country, everyone ready to kick back and hear about a good country woman done wrong!