Tunefruit Featured License: Book of the Golden Trefoil

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Check out the newest project from Producer Michael Valverde. This short video details upcoming movie Book of the Golden Trefoil.

Super important info that you should totally know:

Produced By: Michael Valverde

Shot and Directed By: James Schroeder

Check out movie details here: http://bookofthegoldentrefoil.com/

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: The Final Battle

this track is really great

Check it out: The Final Battle

Hey. You. Yeah, YOU. Lookin’ for a John Williams type of track? Yeah? Cool…come here. Around the corner. Where no one will bother us. Man, this track has GOT it all…it offers sweeping strings, pulsing percussion, serious highs, and thoughtful lows…I can kind of imagine this track being used to sell the closing scenes of an epic and hard-won battle. Heck, on the end, you even have a bit of filler for when the dude finally gets the girl, the lights go up, and the credits roll. Enjoy. We know once you get taste, you’ll be back.