“Loving it” Weekly June 30h Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist



I bet you’re confused between ol’ Huck and me. Don’t be! We’re just switching it up between our music tastes to keep it extra fresh for you! So here are my weekly top stock music picks from our new arrivals, which made me absolutely love it.

1. “Inbetween” – Phil1975

Yo, Phil from 1975, this is some nice psychedelic prog-rock right here! I am definitely getting down to this groove. I like that you’re not ashamed of showing your age and killer style.

2. “Echoes From The East” – Anton Atom

I’m am stranded in an ambandoned Eastern country. Surrounded by desolation and destruction. Walking with my faithful dog at my side. My last hope. Looking out into the wind. Looking for life.

3. “Paper In Oil Madrigals” – Keensonic

Apparently they’re already making a Blade Runner 2. That’s 2 bad…ahem…but no, seriously, we need to get this song into that movie score pronto. I’ll call Harrison tomorrow.

4. “Lazy Summer Nights” – Score Studio

What is better than a low-key, lazy summer night? Throwing a little bit of the saxophone in there. Want to melt a woman’s heart over a nice glass of wine and setting sun? Play this song.

5. “A World of Wonder (instrumental)” – theflightaway

Grab your neon wind-breaker!  We are all meeting up, jogging, and I’ll play this throw-back 80’s song through a boom box placed my shoulder. Then we’re watching Breakfast Club.

6. “The Dark Forest” – Jaap Visser

I typically avoid dark forests at all costs. You think any fruit is down to just meander into some shady area?? Bears and all that jazz?!? But I’d maybe dabble as a knight in this thrilling song.

7. “Fascinations” – Sparinksy

Picture a slowly spinning ballerina; then add some slightly haunting elements. Next, insert a creepy clown face in the back window. Ok, now I’m just freaking myself out while I listen…

8. “Memories > Moments” – musikopedie

First off, Mr musikopedie, congratulations on using a mathematical symbol in your title. Second, he’s right, memories capture moments, so travel to the past and spin slowly while you listen.

9. “5am” – ludwigamadeus

I would be so excited if my 5 am’s were EVER like this. They are usually way too foggy, but if I had some super tight ambient jams in the morning – sign. me. up.

10. “Hope” – BjorgenKjorgen

Just listen to those opening notes. They not just cut to the core and say, “hold on young one, I’ll be there soon.” Then just give the song 10 more seconds and blast off to rocking, hopeful nation.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: What does Crossfit have to do with finding great music for video?


Intern blog post…watch out!:
Huckleberry hails from Connecticut. After a short stint of walking the streets of NYC at 4 a.m. (with a tuba), he finally had enough dough for a bus ticket to Atlanta where he graciously accepted the job of “overworked, underpaid intern.” After all, what’s a berry gonna do with money?

Hey guys, before we get started I have something I need to get off my chest… My name is Huckleberry, and I’m a Crossfitter. Yes, I am a member of that weird cultish gym that has strange acronyms for things that don’t need acronyms. We alienate people by telling literally everyone we see that we are more hardcore than they are. You may have seen someone wearing a T-shirt saying “My warm-up is your workout.” Or my personal favorite:


(Crossfit Salem. We will kill you)

This morning (read: 5 AM) I was officiating a team’s workout in preparation for the Crossfit Games Open. The whole point of it was to do as many reps as possible in a certain amount of time. This guy I’m watching starts out wicked (I’m from the northeast, deal with it) fast and then falls quickly to a snails pace and it’s killing me. He is much stronger and faster than I am, but I could keep up with him. I’m screaming at him to fix his form and to think.

Suddenly…his pace doubles.

He was working twice as hard, using twice the energy he needed to. You can’t solve your problems by brute force! You still have to do things right!


At Tunefruit, we pride ourselves in doing things right (and efficiently). We care about you guys and don’t want you to waste your time searching for killer tracks. That’s why we curate our catalog and why we created our Deep Tagging™ system.  You search in Google and get 10 million hits but only look at the first two pages of results. We give you the equivalent of the first three pages – just in case.

And, while Google doesn’t curate results, we do. Every track that is considered for inclusion into Tunefruit’s catalog goes through a process of two human ears listening, tagging, describing, genre-picking, and sometimes being deleted. So, when you jump on our site, with it’s track mouse-over ability, and do a search for Batman, all you find is awesome, totally relevant, not-at-all-sucky stock music.

CrossFit and Tunefruit, more similar than you would think. Right?

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Intern Takeover #1


redneck yacht


What’s good Tunefruitters (there is still an in-office argument about this word)?

Huck here, stealing the reigns from Mango for one very hot second. How did I manage such a coup? You guys should know by now that I’m the intern in ‘business school’. I rocked out my last final exam of the semester last night (solid C-). So without telling anyone, I decided to take a vacation AND cause some trouble!

Late last night I grabbed the launch codes and shipped off on a booze cruise to Jamaica. To hell with all of Mango’s ‘plans’ and ‘organization’, I just wanna rep tunes that I’m feeling right now.

So right now I’m floating away to a vacation in the sun listening to this jam. (get it?)

And with such a sea-worthy vessel, I’ll be in Jamaica in no time, partying on the beach, listening to some steel drums, and swimming in the warm seawater.

Jamaica is just one of the many parts of the world that Tunefruit has music for. Check out our World Music Genre for awesome tunes from all over the globe. I’ve been meaning to explore the Serengeti…

Tunefruit Featured License: SuperKids

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Hey Tunefruit Nation. Check out the latest video from from our new bestie Catherine Stratton over at 9beach Films for SuperKids Learning & Childcare Center in Summit, New Jersey. It’s pretty much the CUTEST video we have ever licensed music for. Our intern Huckleberry literally said “awww” like 100 times. Seriously. The Tunefruit music she licensed is pretty darn cute, too. 🙂

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Business Radio X Interview

Business RadioX
Our friends over at Business RadioX had us join them for an interview on their show, High Velocity, today, to talk about what we’ve been up to since we last spoke with them. We’d like to think we were witty, good-natured, and thoughtful in our answers to their questions, but we might (ARE) be biased. We chatted about music licensing, customers, partnerships, the shebang. Enjoy.

Check it out, right here: Tunefruit Interview with Business RadioX

And, if you want to find out more about Business RadioX, check them out here: Business RadioX

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: We got a mention on CNN

CNN Article Tunefruit


Our favorite Intern (within our home state, that is…we still love you Kiwi!) Huckleberry wrote this really awesome piece for CNN about the value of a music school education. Stop laughing. It’s really good. Seriously. Anyhoo, go click on that CNN link and read away, our lovely little blog reader…read away. There are a few really nice mentions about Tunefruit and how we help you find the right music for your project.

You want to see Huckleberry’s face a little bigger? (Stop squinting!)…here:

Huckleberry Intern Tunefruit


Tunefruit is Going Bananas: the HARLEM SHAKE


Look, we’re posting this as a favor to our inter, Huckleberry. He went to this college, and while simultaneously being saddened by how far the reputation of his alma has been dropped, he still feels the weird need to human shame these specific Harlem Shake(rs). Did we just pull a Today Show by posting this meme well after it’s musical meme expiration date? Whatevs.

From what he keeps telling us, this is the original video…filmed in Harlem – Morningside Heights. Awesome.

Huckleberry, you owe us.