Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Uplifting Royalty Free Music


You know, here at Chez Tunefruit, a lot of people (peeps) ask us to find music for them that has that certain “uplifting” ¬†element that just makes everything seem so frigging triumphant and a-ok. And boy oh freaking boy, do we have a ton of royalty free uplifting music. We’ve got it with strings, guitars, bells, orchestras, rock bands, singers, choirs, cows (seriously), basses, and many, many drums!

Want to hear some of our yummy triumphant and uplifting music, ready for video projects? Fine. but after we give you this list, you have to give us at least two weeks worth of break. Maybe ask us for a Giorgio Moroder sounding track, instead. That would be a fun music search. I mean…as much as we LOVE Coldplay, our brains (and ears) like a little musical exercise every once in a while.

Ok. Here you go: Royalty Free Uplifting Music

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: The Real Thing


Check it out: The Real Thing

Epic, beautiful, driving…the words of every ad agency ad in existence…and you know what? This song delivers the deliverables. Big U2 and Tenth Avenue North (look it up, homey, don’t be lazy) guitar lines crash into big ole’ Coldplay pulsar drums and thick foundation-yummy bassline. Corporate America wants its rock big, and we want them to have it, too. Please, take my Rock (say it in a Rodney Dangerfield voice, and the joke totally lands).

Ya know….this track also has a serious Snow Patrol vibe going on, too. So here is a Snow Patrol vid. Get into it for a sec, I know there’s a long intro…jeesh.