Tunefruit Tech Talk: The Roland TR-808 is Back as the TR-8


The iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine is back!  I do not think it is possible to listen to at least one hip hop, dance or pop track within the last few decades that has not incorporated that undeniable lo-fi boom, known as the  “808 kick”.  Used in a countless number of songs by most of the heavyweight producers over the past 30 years, this drum machine has taken on a life of it’s own.  It’s amazing that an instrument that was actually only available during a 4 year window in the early 80s has had such a huge impact on popular music.

Fast forward to the present day and Roland has now resurrected the drum machine as the  TR-8.  The unit is part of Roland’s new Aira suite of instruments, designed to cater to the electronic musician.  Although all of the sounds from the original TR-808 can be found in most software synths and samplers, Roland seeks to target those musicians who choose to channel their inspiration through traditional analog hardware.  With a clean, sleek new look, I definitely like the redesign.  It’s a fresh take on an iconic instrument while managing to maintain a retro feel.

I do find it peculiar that Roland is only now capitalizing on the popularity and cult-like following of the TR-808.  Sales of a used TR-808  have been selling well over $3000 USD on Ebay  for years.  Latest reports have stated that Roland wanted to time the comeback correctly.  Retailing at $499, it seems like the comeback price is affordable, enabling musicians to get started on those beats ASAP.

cantaloupe 1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Derrick Pryce (known as Cantaloupe at Tunefruit) is a music producer and keyboard player based in Atlanta, GA.  His current release is entitled Kebomusic Presents: The Experience, which is available on iTunes and Amazon. In addition to music, he is very much interested in technology, entrepreneurship and venture capital. He thinks mixing them all up would be fantastic. For more information, check out www.kebomusic.com.

Tunefruit Knows the Hotness: Reggie Watts


Do you know who da fizzle this Reggie Watts guy is? We’ve been in a sort-of bromance with him since seeing the above clip of him on Conan a while back. It’s just too good for us not to share with you all. He’s part poet, part hip-hop visionary, part beatboxer, and part comedian. That’s like 4 parts, kids. Here’s his info if you want to get down with a little history and background on the reg, click on it.

If you’re looking for royalty free hip-hop music, kiddies, you should probably get a real job…just kidding, my mom walked in, and I just started typing what she was saying…yeah yeah yeah, mom.

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Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Questlove and Color Loves Depth

Man, Questlove is just way cooler than you. And me. And this blog. But whatever. I’m ok being wayyyy back in line behind Questlove…and his first gig at Radio City Music Hall. I’m not sure I should divulge this or not…my (Mango) first gig was at All Asia in Boston. Please don’t look that place up. Seriously (just kidding, look it up).

This is just another one of those cool videos (done for Adcolor.org) that just cuts through all the noise and makes you want to pick up some sticks and play. Of course…the caveat is that I was trained as a guitar player. Oh, well.

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