Tunefruit Featured Music License: Zendesk

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We’re so proud to be a small (but musical!) part of Zendesk‘s very first national broadcast spot. These fine septuagenarians (I’m not checking on the veracity of my statement, so don’t ask)  chat about their relationship through the lens of a business chatting with a customer.

Totes hilarious.

All this fruit can say is…Zendesk is right. Focus on your relationships, be better at Customer service.

There are a few different cuts of the spot, and all of them are funny. Just click on the picture below and, as if by magic, you will be whisked away to all their spots.


Tunefruit Featured License: Farm Rich

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The folks from Dad’s Garage produced the latest video for Farm Rich, and it’s mighty tasty to watch. It’s time to get SUPER-ready for the SUPERbowl with some yummy Superbowl snacks, and Farm Rich knows just what it will take to make your game day feast perfect for all guests. Yep. Even this fruit can appreciate a well-made sandwich.


Tunefruit Featured License: Jack’s (Double Date)

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Straight out of the studios of Spots (based out of Atlanta, the greatest city on earth), comes this fantastically perfect spot for Jack’s (they are in Alabama, which is Georgia’s right arm, if you are looking at a map, champ).

In this spot, we’ve got four fantastically good-looking people at a fine dining establishment, and the two ladies in the group decide to pre-game some Jack’s burgers. Makes enough sense to this Mango. Now that I’m thinking about it, I am getting a little hungry. Time to make that 90 minute trek to our nearest Jack’s (watch out, Alabama, cause we’re fruity).


Tunefruit Knows the Hotness: Musical Teeth


Hey. Look, we’re not all serious Nellies, all the time, over here at Tunefruit. Yes, we watch youtube just like the rest of you. We love cat videos, fail compilations, and all that other silly stuff. So, with that being said, you should really watch this video of a dude playing the William Tell Overture on his teeth.

Like we said, total class, all the way.

Happy New Years, folks!

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Christmas and Holiday Music for Videos


Christmas music is awesome. And yeah, it’s only November, and you feel like you just successfully completed another hang-over-free (ok, no you didn’t) Halloween. But, this is the world we live in. Always on to the next big holiday. So, alas, Christmas is almost here, just 41 days left.

If you are one of the thousands of Final Cut Pro editors, editing bay monkeys, production company owners, or anyone else gearing up for holiday projects, you know it’s a big ole’ requirement to plan ahead.

We’ve been adding new royalty free Christmas and Holiday music to our already extensive (yeah!) catalog at a furious pace. Looking for classical Christmas music? Done. Playful sleigh bells? Done. Cats meowing We Wish You a Merry Christmas? Not sure about that one…go do a search and find out!

Here’s a Christmas search on Tunefruit to get you going: http://tunefruit.com/search/18278

Tunefruit Featured License: Farm Rich Party Peepers!

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Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.49.23 AM
Our Halloween-themed Featured License is chocked full of eye-opening puns about eyeballs. Check out how to make yummy eyeballs out of cream cheese, Farm Rich meatballs, and olives.

Check out Farm Rich for fun yummy-ness and bad puns ASAP:



Tunefruit Featured License: Atlanta Banana

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Do you like The Onion? Do you like hyper-local fake news?  Of course you do.

So, now that’s we’ve figured this out, watch the video, fool. Our favorite local fake news outlet, Atlanta Banana, has started to do month-in-review videos to recap their totally fantastic, totally city-shaming-ly awesome fake news articles, and they needed just the right real-fake news music intro we could find for them. The intro music is as over-the-top as the 80’s news set. Ka-boom.

Want to follow the hilarity on twitter? Coolio: @atlbanana

Want to join the newsletter? Extra-coolio: http://eepurl.com/CM7Mv
Atlanta Banana

Tunefruit Knows the Hotness: Sneaky Royalty Free Music

Zany and sort of silly, a good cartoon-ish caper sequence always works better when you have matching sneaky music to match it up with.

And yes…the ahem…to “underscore” the importance of great stock caper music with picture, I present to you a favorite childhood movie, The Great Muppet Caper:

If you want to listen to and license a fantastic selection of royalty free caper music, go here:

Caper and Sneaky Stock Music on Tunefruit

Tunefruit Featured License: Explainify

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Because Explainify is sort of awesome, they decided to find some awesome music (see: Tunefruit) to best compliment their fantastic explainer video, that, surprise-of-the-century-ya’ll, explains why you should use Explainify. We got all the fruits (Banana, Mango, Huckleberry, Kiwi, and Cantaloupe) in the office to sit down for a quick sec, and we all watched the video. Well, signed, sealed, delivered, we all agreed they totally know what they are talkin’ bout. Nice.

We think that their little blurb about the Curse of Knowledge is RIGHT ON. It’s really hard to convey complex business ideas simply…but Explainify does it. So, there. Yeah. That’s right. Boo-yah!

Check them out RIGHT now (skip your morning Cat-Browsing on BuzzFeed…ha, just joking, that Buzzfeed link totally takes you to a BF article about Corgis!)…

Explainify: www.explainify.com

Here’s what they say they do (and they are totally not lying):

“When you engage Explainify, we will explain and clarify your idea or business in a 1 minute video — the attention span of the average video watcher. We can’t wait to partner with you!”

Tunefruit Featured License: Dad’s Garage

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The dudes and chicks of Dad’s Garage are at it again with the funny videos. This one in particular is sort of an instructional video of-sorts. They are moving from one fantastically indie-chic crib to another fantastically indie-chic crib, and they want to make sure you know how to get there…chegg it out.