Fresh 5 ~ Guitar Tracks for International Guitar Month

royalty free stock music

royalty free stock musicHendrix. Page. Clapton. Slash. Santana. The list of legendary guitarists goes on and on. Everyone has their favorite and we could argue forever on who is number one. However, this month here Tunefruit we are leaving arguments to the side and celebrating all the greats in honor of “International Guitar Month.” No matter your favorite musical style, there is no denying the power of a prolific guitarist working their magic on a six string on a hot track. The guitar is an amazingly versatile instrument that resonates across almost every genre. Today for “International Guitar Month” we have picked out a few of our favorite tracks in the Tunefruit catalogue demonstrating the versatility of the guitar, an instrument great for featuring in any project. Whether you are looking for something fresh for your next project or just in need of a new track to practice your air guitar routine to in front of the mirror while at home on a Friday night, Tunefruit has you covered.

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