Tunefruit Tech and Music Mashup – Entry #7 (Make Music With A Glove)


Who doesn’t want to make music by just waving their hands?

That process is much quicker and less time consuming than slicing up .wav files in Logic Audio.  Well, that reality is now upon us thanks to music gloves created by British singer-songwriter Imogen Heap.  She has recently embraced this technology by creating musical gloves called Mi.Mu.  Each glove is configured with buttons and sensors that send information back to a computer when your hands are in motion.  This allows the artist to create music more organically by following natural body motions.

The project initially started as a Kickstarter campaign.  A collaboration between MIT’s media lab and Imogen, the entire process took about 5 years to create.  Known for her distinctive fusion of soft acoustic and electronica sounds, Imogen Heap hopes the gloves will also help bring her music to fans in a more tangible way.  Artists such as Ariana Grande have recently taken notice, reportedly scheduled to utilize the gloves on an upcoming tour.

I think this form of wearable tech definitely provides the ability for people who are not musicians to actually create music.  I am even seeing an application for children in schools.  This would provide them a fun, active way to learn about music while exploring their creativity.  This type of technology definitely merges music and movement.  Traditional musicians have always been moving while playing instruments on stage.   However, with the advent of electronic music, movement while creating music may be restrained to a constant head nod.  It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on the music itself.  As wearable technology continues to expand,  I am sure we will see similar innovations like this later on down the line.

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cantaloupe 1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Derrick Pryce (known as Cantaloupe at Tunefruit) is a music producer and keyboard player based in Atlanta, GA.  His current release is entitled Kebomusic Presents: The Experience, which is available on iTunes and Amazon. In addition to music, he is very much interested in technology, entrepreneurship and venture capital. He thinks mixing them all up would be fantastic. For more information, check out www.kebomusic.com.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Intern Takeover #1


redneck yacht


What’s good Tunefruitters (there is still an in-office argument about this word)?

Huck here, stealing the reigns from Mango for one very hot second. How did I manage such a coup? You guys should know by now that I’m the intern in ‘business school’. I rocked out my last final exam of the semester last night (solid C-). So without telling anyone, I decided to take a vacation AND cause some trouble!

Late last night I grabbed the launch codes and shipped off on a booze cruise to Jamaica. To hell with all of Mango’s ‘plans’ and ‘organization’, I just wanna rep tunes that I’m feeling right now.

So right now I’m floating away to a vacation in the sun listening to this jam. (get it?)

And with such a sea-worthy vessel, I’ll be in Jamaica in no time, partying on the beach, listening to some steel drums, and swimming in the warm seawater.

Jamaica is just one of the many parts of the world that Tunefruit has music for. Check out our World Music Genre for awesome tunes from all over the globe. I’ve been meaning to explore the Serengeti…

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Guest Post on Wistia


Click the pic below, homie, and avail your bad self of all the knowledge that Tunefruit can possibly offer you…I know…all the knowledge we possess about finding the right music for your project is summed up in one blog. Don’t we get points for being concise? Who wants to read a friggin’ book about this stuff? We don’t. You don’t. My mom doesn’t. Wistia, again with their infinite niceness and super-cool and informative blog, deemed us cool enough to guest post, so we took the opportunity super-seriously. Like, put some pants on, open the blinds, drink a glass of orange juice serious.

Since were here…you should go check out Wistia. Notice how Wistia is a hyperlink? Good. Click it. Right now. Don’t you want to see what they offer? Because it’s Video Analytics. Dang…I just spoiled it. Go over there anyway.
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