Fourth of July Stock Music? July 4th Stock Music? Independence Day Stock Music? We got it!

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As July 4th, the Fourth of July, Independence Day (whatever you might choose to call it) gets close (it’s next week!), we figured some folks might like to know where to look (and, of course) and find our collection of celebratory fireworks and hotdogs music.

Well, baby boy, we are delivering. Right here. Right now. God Bless America.

Click on the screenshot to get rolling:
July 4th Stock Music for Independence Day and Fourth of July

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness…Katy Perry

Yeah, we all know it. Katy Perry is hot. Not just physically, though…she has the goods musically. Her and Dr. Luke have racked up a small city’s worth of hits in the last 3 years, including hits like Fireworks, I Kissed A Girl, California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Hot n Cold, and Waking up in Vegas (sorry, we can’t include ET..too much Kanye!). These tracks have a lot in common, including big kick drums, snares that smack your face and sugary sweet vocals and guitars. All of it together makes for a ready-made pop smash.

We’ve compiled a playlist of songs that have that same kind of sweet, kiss-your-girlfriend-in-the-rain, drive the 101 with the top down, quit-your-job-to-follow-your-dream magic. What are you waiting for…go listen!

Check it out: Sweet Pop Goodness