Tunefruit Featured License: Farm Rich

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

The folks from Dad’s Garage produced the latest video for Farm Rich, and it’s mighty tasty to watch. It’s time to get SUPER-ready for the SUPERbowl with some yummy Superbowl snacks, and Farm Rich knows just what it will take to make your game day feast perfect for all guests. Yep. Even this fruit can appreciate a well-made sandwich.


Tunefruit Featured License: Zendesk iPad App Video

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Our buddies over at Zendesk are getting dangerously close to reaching Tunefruit “Baller” Status. If we had to give you some sort of Real-World equivalent to this….Silver Medallion on Delta Airlines, maybe? It guarantees the boys (and definitely the girls) at Zendesk a free well drink (you can upgrade at for $$$) anytime they happen to be dropping by Tunefruit HQ (you will see when you get here we are very important. We have many leather-bound books and our office smells of rich mahogany (Anchorman II, we are looking at you)).

Their newest video is EPIC (they say so in the vid), and focuses on the new Zendesk iPad App. We love how they use totally overblown “serious” music (ours!) to sell the super-sweet nature of their newest creation.

Nice work, Zendesk. Nice Work.  You look like a blueberry (thanks again, Anchorman).

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: The Final Battle

this track is really great

Check it out: The Final Battle

Hey. You. Yeah, YOU. Lookin’ for a John Williams type of track? Yeah? Cool…come here. Around the corner. Where no one will bother us. Man, this track has GOT it all…it offers sweeping strings, pulsing percussion, serious highs, and thoughtful lows…I can kind of imagine this track being used to sell the closing scenes of an epic and hard-won battle. Heck, on the end, you even have a bit of filler for when the dude finally gets the girl, the lights go up, and the credits roll. Enjoy. We know once you get taste, you’ll be back.