Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Conversion Sciences

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Our newest (and for the purposes of this post, and the joke) and bluest Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License comes from the fine folks over at Conversion Sciences. The video above goes into a thoughtful, and very present concern that many companies that sell online have to combat on a daily basis…the BLUE LINE. Now, we (because we are fruits here at Tunefruit, and don’t have ears) had never heard of the blue line, but oh boy, we know that it exists.

How easy do you make it for your customers to crossover from looky-loos to bonafide buying customers? Are you leaving barriers, obstacles, and unanswered questions littered across your e-commerce site? Probably.

Want to learn more about that cool Blue Line? Betcha do:


Want to learn more about how cool Conversion Sciences is? Click the screenshot:


Tunefruit Featured License: Magento

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From producer Jacob Hatley at the always-flippin-fantastic The Buzz Lab we have our newest featured license. Magento (a nifty, and sort of amazing e-commerce platform) is the foundation through which Sole Society has built it’s entire business. This short video takes a quick (yet thoughtfully thorough) look at Sole Society’s founders, business model, and pivot from shoe club to online personal fashion expert.

We salute Magento and Sole Society for making it possible to to streamline the process of purchasing women’s shoes for all of humanity. Unfortunately, since we are fruits, and our wives are also fruits, we have no need for shoes. 🙂

Which isn’t so bad, since it leaves more money on the table for things like fruit baskets.



Tunefruit Featured License: Volusion

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The fine folks over at Volusion have put together this bike-friendly video focusing on how Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop uses Volusion to run their business.

What exactly is Volusion? They are awesome-sauce with a cherry on top…and they dabble in being one of the top providers of all-inclusive ecommerce platforms for businesses of any size.

Check out some of their client work here: http://www.volusion.com/ecommerce-client-gallery/