Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Slothlove

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Well…I think this has to be the cutest Tunefruit Featured Music License we have ever showcased.

I mean…come on. Sloths? And they appear to be lovely….thus Slothlove. OMG. This book of photos, expertly shot by Sam Trull, a photographer and sloth rehabilitator living in Costa Rica, is available for purchase in a variety of formats, and would literally be the cutest book in your entire house, apartment, library…whatever.

As Sam says…

For Slothlove, I have compiled my absolute best sloth photos and paired them with inspirational stories of survival, heartbreaking tales of loss, and interesting sloth facts; my goals are to help people appreciate these amazing animals for more than their obvious cuteness and to inspire a desire to help protect all wildlife and natural habitats.

Click below to buy it now! Hurry, because this cuteness won’t last forever.

Tunefruit Featured License: SuperKids

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Hey Tunefruit Nation. Check out the latest video from from our new bestie Catherine Stratton over at 9beach Films for┬áSuperKids Learning & Childcare Center in Summit, New Jersey. It’s pretty much the CUTEST video we have ever licensed music for. Our intern Huckleberry literally said “awww” like 100 times. Seriously. The Tunefruit music she licensed is pretty darn cute, too. ­čÖé