5 Things to Consider When Choosing Music for Your Video



If you want to make a great video, picking the right soundtrack is essential. As a video editing company, we at DreamItReel put a lot of time and thought into selecting a song that perfectly matches the style and purpose of each video we produce.

Here’s a list of things we consider when choosing music that can help you pick out the ideal soundtrack for your video.

  1. Music First, Video Second

Whether you’re editing the video yourself or giving it to someone else  it’s always a good idea to settle on the music first. You want the visuals to match the soundtrack, so if you change the music later on a good deal of your editing will be useless. In other words, changing the song can mean going back to square one.

  1. The Occasion

You’re not going to pick the same music for a wedding video that you would for a snowboarding video  are you? Considering the occasion, event, or subject is a good starting point when determining what song to use. Mango from TuneFruit wrote a detailed article on the DreamItReel blog that breaks down different occasions what music to use for each.

  1. The Story

Do you want a video that slowly builds to a big climax, or one that is cheerful and fun  Maybe you want to take the viewer on a roller coaster of emotions or deliver something epic and in your face  Whatever the story, the soundtrack will be the foundation. Let the music will plot out the journey and the visuals will simply fall into place.

  1. Your Audience

Loud and electronic might be a good choice for a young, hip crowd, but not so much if you’re going after middle-aged parents  Put some thought into what’s popular with your target audience and what kind of music will resonate with their generation, background, and culture.

  1. Lyrics or No Lyrics

Another important decision that can help narrow things down quickly. If your video has people speaking or voiceover in it, lyrics can be conflicting. Also, music with words can be distracting so if you want your viewer to focus on the content of your video and not the lyrics of the song, an instrumental track might be the way to go.

These tips are sure to help you pick music that matches the story and goals of your video.  Need some help with your video editing? DreamItReel makes it easy and affordable to get high quality video editing so give us a shout and say Tunefruit sent you!

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Our new partnership with Vidaao!


To celebrate our new partnership with Vidaao, we have come up with the Top 4 reasons Vidaao is THE place to get your next video made:


1.) Fast and easy for businesses to get cost-effective yet high quality video.


Cat In A Box By Xbeckie boox

Do we need to say more? You can (if you needed to…but you shouldn’t have waited to) get a video done in ONE day and for less than $1,000. Getting set up with the right producer is just a few video auditions and a pre-production meeting away. 


2.) Price transparency is important.


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Ever have your water heater (in your attic) start leaking? You call up the repair guy and he quotes you $2,000. You wince and take the offer. He finishes and hands you a bill for $3,000. What are you going to do? The guy just saved your house from falling apart. You’re gonna suck it up and pay.

No such problems with Vidaao. The pricing is so transparent it’s almost invisible.


3.) Vidaao screens videographers in advance.


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This one has a special place in our heart. Just like Tunefruit, Vidaao screens all of the content creators before connecting them with you, the customer. You’re only dealing with the best of the best. I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it ten billion more- searching through garbage is for raccoons.


4.) They have great taste in music (don’t judge us, you knew this was coming!)


Cat In A Box By Xbeckie boox

Cat In A Box By Xbeckie boox

Check it. They are partnered with one of the best stock music sites on the interwebz. It’s safe to say that they have great taste all around. And with taste like that, I wouldn’t be surprised to see their founder, Justin Park, on the top of New York Magazine’s best dressed list. Ka-BOOM!

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