Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Slider Lapse (Kickstarter)

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Hey, we’re a little late to the Slider Lapse party (that’s how we like to think of Kickstarter projects…giant parties with craft beer, no door guy, and sweet, sweet indie-dance rock playing), but that’s ok, because we still HAVE 35 hours for us to get the word out about this neat-o gadget for video enthusiasts that want to do time lapse filming and slide while they do it.

It’s like the electric slide, but totally different.


Click below to check out the video, and then go and pledge a bunch of moolah so the world can have this AWESOME new gadget!

slider lapse

Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: mNectar (prod. by Explainify)

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Those incredible mavens of motion graphics, those wizards-of-explainer-video-goodness are at it again with this Explainify-produced video for mNectar.

mNectar is sorta cool. They allow app companies, publishers, developers, etc. to have potential customers sample their app inside of in-app advertisements.

So instead of just some boring and staid ad experience, you can actually play around with a new app without having to download it first….a try-before-you-buy experience that’s hard to beat. Because…it’s literally free. And that is FREE-king awesome.

Check out mNectar right here:


Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Madame Sazerac, Produced by ShineCreative.tv

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This short film introduces Madame Sazerac, a beautiful fortune teller who makes cocktails as potions for the woes of her clients. Shine Creative created this as an example of branded content that could run as a series where each presents a new client with a new cocktail.

Nice work, Shine!

And all jokes aside, just a few days into this new year, I think everyone here in the Tunefruit offices would love to sip on a Sazerac RIGHT NOW.

“Loving it” Weekly January 2nd Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our library that I just absolutely love!

Listen Now: “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 21

  1. “Optimistic Acoustic Guitars” – BlueberryMusic

Nothing like waking up to some cheerful acoustic guitars strumming away. This is a great stock music track to put a smile on your face while driving through the mountains.

  1. “Boundless” – Abbas Premjee

Great title for this stock track. Boundless determination and will. I’m definitely digging this and so should anyone looking to seize the day after waking up to a house without coffee.

  1. “Zeppelins with Buttoxes” – dreikelvin

Not going to lie, had to click on this track because of the title. What to expect? No clue but now that I’m listening, I love the percussive marimba and synth to make this a magical piece.

  1. “Ships Passing in the Night” – Matthew Prins

This is a beautiful stock music track. Mr. Prins uses just the right combo of piano and strings to really make your imagination sail away with those ships passing in the night. B-e-a-utiful.

  1. “Backward Clocks” – Martin Riopel

So has anyone made me that custom Batman suit I requested for Christmas this year? Cause after hearing this cinematic stock track, I really need that suit to fight crime as GUAVAMAN!

  1. “Temptation (Vocals)” – Gregory Davis

Temptation, seduction, love, romance, and lovely female vocals! This worldly, middle eastern track is pretty much AMAZING. Mr. Davis, if you could kindly see if this singer loves fruit? Thx.

  1. “Finding a Dream” – JM Scherf

Hold on tight! This little guava fruit is going to finally achieve his dreams of becoming the best smoothie known to mankind. Now I’m just going to keep playing this track on repeat.

  1. “All the Way” – stevecollom

Strap yourself in for this stock track. If you need attitude, rock, and a hybrid orchestral mix in your life, I highly suggest giving this a listen. I’m going to go hop on my bike and ride now.

  1. “More than Today” – StephenMarx

Feeling a little bit youthful and angsty today? Give this indie track a listen and make sure to wear your skinny jeans, v-neck and hornrimmed glasses. Love the groove to this track.

10.“Snow” – David Sestay

I’m going to cap the playlist off with a little shout out to winter and the time of snow. This is a great ambient stock track to let your mind wander off into deep snow drifts and snowflakes.

Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: BeWe

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

bewe logo
They are french, they make social networks for businesses, and their video that uses stock music from Tunefruit is excellent. That’s all you need to know. And, we can’t read French, so, yeah.

Click below to see what bewe does, and how exactly they pull it off!

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Veterans United’s Newest Video

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Check out our newest featured stock music license from Veterans United. We think it’s totally ready for your viewing….don’t run, click, on this video!

Tuneruit Tech and Music Mashup – (The Heartbeat Of Music)


Have you purchased your new iPhone yet?  I, for one, have not purchased it yet although I am overdue for an upgrade.  If you are an iPhone user, you may have heard about Apple’s new Health app.  The application offers the ability for you to monitor your physical activity using the iPhone’s motion sensors.  This definitely comes in handy for the fitness buffs out there.  In particular, the app has a heart rate monitor.  Just check your phone to keep up with your BPMs.

Given that the iPhone and Apple are intrinsically linked to music, I began to think about the relationship between the heartbeat and music.   Have you ever thought about the prevalence of “heartbeats” in music?  There is the signature “thump thump” that appears in dance music.  Or what about that low heartbeat that appears in a scary film designed to evoke suspense and fear?  Why is that sound so powerful?  There have been several studies done on the relationship between heart rate and music.  Manipulating one’s heartbeat is critical when trying to bring out certain emotions in a viewer or listener.  Attaching certain emotions to whatever you are trying to sell is always a sure thing.  Humans seem to have a natural response to a thumping heart.  Science has recently discovered that this phenomenon started while we were in the womb.

As a music producer, I don’t think I have consciously programmed a beat to mimic a heart beat.  I think it may have occurred more naturally if I was trying to create a piece with a certain mood.  Among genres, I particularly notice it in dance and urban music.  The kick drum always plays the role of the trusted heart.  It appears that the heart beat and music will be forever intertwined.   I wonder if this data can be collected and analyzed to make a better song?  I will be on the lookout for the app that does that.

What do you think? Drop a comment in the comment section below.

cantaloupe 1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Derrick Pryce (known as Cantaloupe at Tunefruit) is a music producer and keyboard player based in Atlanta, GA.  His current release is entitled Kebomusic Presents: The Experience, which is available on iTunes and Amazon. In addition to music, he is very much interested in technology, entrepreneurship and venture capital. He thinks mixing them all up would be fantastic. For more information, check out www.kebomusic.com.


“Loving it” Weekly September 8th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our stock music library that I (Guava) just absolutely love!

Listen Now: “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 12

1. “Clusters” – Daniel Knowler

I’m going to start you guys out with a lovely, peaceful stock music track. This is perfect for those days when you’re laying in a lush field of grass. Ok, so nobody really does that but just imagine.

2. “Massive Perception” – JM Scherf Music

We’ve immediately switched gears. This is high octane material. Strap yourself into your computer chair and brace yourself for this great hybrid stock music track with guitar and orchestra.

3. “Beached” – Revalver

This is one groovin’ stock music track. If you’ve ever heard of DJ Shadow or RJD2, you’ll be very familiar with the style of this track. Great trip-hop vibe going on for some night time cruising.

4. “Dancing Hologram” – TOYINVENTION

If holograms could dance, this is their late night track. I love the mix of pop and EDM threaded through this upbeat track. Turn this one up to 11 please.

5. “Square” – KyleOkaly

What in the? Did somebody just trap me into an old Sega Genesis?? I love the retro feel Mr. Okaly. Great job at capturing the feel of those old 8-bit games while making this very catchy.

6. “Business” – Twisterium

As a man named Jermaine once said, “It’s business. It’s business time.” So gather around you young corporate business execs! Put this track on and launch your marketing campaign!

7. “Asian Daydream” – Francesco Giovannangelo

Before this track, I’ve never had an Asian daydream. After hearing this track, all I need in my life are Asian daydreams. Thank you Mr. Giovannangelo for this lovely piece.

8. “Funky Train” – Kubed

Just like we needed Soul Train in the 70’s, we need a some of that “Funky Train” in the 2010’s. All aboard this train, cause we’re playing this track on repeat all night long!

9. “Night Bikes” – Positive Audio

I’m calling John Hughes right now. We’re getting on some super old school bikes and cruising the streets at nigh to this nostalgic stock music track. So I don’t have his number. Anybody have his number??

10. “Bad Medicine “ – SteveCollom

I’m gonna cap this playlist with some good ole gritty southern rock stock music. This track takes me back to Athens, Georgia when I was drinking a cold one and listening to Drive-By Truckers.

Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: OXEA (produced by @explainify)

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG



As is usually the case with Explainify, when we get to license them a great stock music track, we know the explainer video they produce is going to be totally killer. And bam, just like mama told us, this video for OXEA is excellent.

As they tell it:

Our friends at OXEA, a German chemical manufacturing company, asked us to make an educational video explaining the chemical makeup and everyday uses of PVC and plasticizers to the general public. They were so much fun to work with, and had a ton of great ideas for the video! This fun, colorful, and incredibly informative video is an example of what happens when an animated video production company and a client truly collaborate to tell the best story possible.

Here’s what this fruit (Mango) knows. I want to write a song that uses the word plasticizer as a lyric. 🙂

3 Videos that show off how to use Dubstep Stock Music


dubstep header

Shhh. Speak no more. I will unveil for you this mysterious creature. Show you the hidden strengths. LISTEN. it’s coming…


~womp ~womp~

~womp ~womp~womp~



Honestly, what did you think when someone said, “Hey, my chill bromigo, this new dubstep artist is playing tonight.”

Probably – “Hmmm, dubstep? A bunch of dudes all dreaded out taking giant steps in some new dance craze?” Then you heard this “dubstep,” and oh, it’s actually a bunch of giant aliens stomping on computers because to untrained ears –


Next came the jokes – “Button mashers!” “Hope the Geek Squad is attending Ultra!” “Yeah…I can hit the spacebar too!”

But, let’s face it. Whether you are into dubstep or not, the genre is here to stay. More specifically, certain companies have tapped into this genre of stock music because more often than not, attracting young millennials means creating a technologically infused adrenaline hype with this type of video soundtrack. Need an example? Take GoPro, a company who consistently pushes the limit to capture incredible footage and pull from dubstep stock music to provide a killer soundtrack:

To be honest, looking at how GoPro successfully dropped their IPO and is currently valued at $3 billion, they might just know the power of using rockin’ video with awesome dubstep stock music. Just look at how much cooler this baby is than all of us due to GoPro’s ingenuity:

Now maybe you’re thinking – “It’s cool but our company doesn’t cater to extreme sports.” Don’t sweat. If you even dabble in the young, up-and-coming market, check out apparel gurus G Star Raw and their fresh video:

So, no. Dubstep is not for every marketing campaign. But do you want that hip sound all the youth have in their ears? Do you want your brand to push the envelope and appeal to the young, technologically savvy masses?

Then dive into our dubstep stock music and allow that background music to drop a wobble beat: Tunefruit Dubstep Stock Music

-Guava a.k.a. DJ Daddy G (but not really…I wish)