Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Wistia knows we have a sweet tooth…

Look what came in the mail!
Did Wistia buy you cookies today? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Just kidding. If you can find us, we will give you a small bite.

We were so hopped up on sugar after eating all the cookies that we made this .gif for Wistia. And really, since it’s online, we guess it’s also for the world. Ok? See world, it’s for you, too! Yum!

This was a very nice “Thank You” from Wistia for allowing us to guest blog a few months back. But seriously, the pleasure was all ours. Really. Have you ever looked at their freaking blog? It’s the best blog this Mango has ever seen. They give tips and tricks on proper lighting, filming, camera techniques, etc.

Look…LOOK. Here: Wistia’s Blog
BTW…here’s a picture of the Tunefruit co-founders right after they finished the cookies:
banana and mango