Tunefruit Featured Music License: Veterans United Home Loans

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Check out the newest Tunefruit Featured Music License from Veterans United. They are always striving to help United States Veterans achieve homeownership.

Tunefruit Featured License: Veterans United

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Our latest featured music license, a video from Veterans United Home Loans, is a doozy. Main takeaway here? Don’t wait, move fast, be STEALTH. Ok, we might have added that last thing. But, still. Hurry.

Tunefruit Featured License: eMinutes (video by The Buzz Lab)

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Straight from California, our latest Featured License comes from eMinutes, produced by the totally killer “explainer video” company, The Buzz Lab.

This explainer video spends a quick sec explaining the process of starting a business. And guess what? It ain’t easy-peasy. There are tons of awesome, less-than-awesome, and totally-not-at-all-awesome hurdles that a new business has to jump through. And eMinutes has totally got the hook-up. Boom! www.eminutes.com

The boys (and maybe girls…we haven’t checked, yet) of The Buzz Lab are the brains behind this explainer video, and we think they do a bang-friggin-up job of conveying eMinutes basic message. The Buzz Lab folks are a Los Angeles-based video production and promotion company that produces “explainer videos” for websites, companies, products, apps and extensions.

Their specialty (ours happens to be making veggie burgers…in case you were wondering) is taking complex concepts and simplifying them down to bite-sized motion graphic videos and live action profile videos that are both entertaining to watch and easy to understand. And pretty much, that sort of explains “explainer videos”.



Tunefruit Featured License: Joan Produces

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We’d like to give “big ups” (I don’t know exactly what those are, but I faintly remember the phrase from high school) to Joan Karpeles of Joan Produces. She put together this totally boss explainer video showcasing her totally awesome producer abilities. Totally.

Chegg it.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: KISSmetrics


Many thanks go out to KISSmetrics for their newest blog mentioning Tunefruit as a great place to find quality music. These dudes obviously have excellent taste in music…and really, if they like us, they probably also have totes fashion sense, too. We assume.

Andrew Follett from demoduck wrote the post, so if you need help making quality vids (or even Explainer Videos), go check his company out. They rock. And quack. right?

Check them out: www.demoduck.com