“Loving it” Weekly February 2nd Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist



I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our library that I just absolutely love!

Listen Now: “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 26

  1. “Fluctus” – dreikelvin

When the dual violins first come in, there are notes of sadness or even a love recently lost. But then “Fluctus” takes a slight turn as the piano enters to make this a more haunting stock music track.

  1. “Morning Coffee Acoustic” – GoldenEar

This must be how my dog feels every morning. Super friendly and really excited to start her day. If morning coffee gets me anywhere near on level with this bright, positive stock music track, I’ll be right there with her.

  1. “8th and Fitzwater” – stevericemusic

Alright, who knows where 8th and Fitzwater is on a map? Point me there pronto. Whatever swanky, neat club is playing this gypsy jazz stock track, I want to be there swinging the night away!

  1. “Southern Rock Guitar” – reallife4

You goin’ dern South? Let me hop in your dusty pickup and saddle up for a long ride on that country road. (Yes, I am trying to write in a terrible Southern accent) BUT this southern stock music track inspired me to hit the dirt roads with my windows down!

  1. “Le dejeuner” – Fabrice Ravelle-Chapuis

Oh man, this is one perfectly spooky and sinister stock music track for a documentary! When season two of Serial comes out for podcast, these guys should take a look into using this for the introduction.

  1. “Endless Days” – stevecollom

The second that first guitar note hit, I knew we were about to be on a climactic ride. Great combination of guitar swells and strings to build the track into memories of our younger days.

  1. “Love Pump Rock” – Max Power

Strap on your black leather boots ladies and gentleman. It’s time to pump out that alternative, blues rock we’ve all been digging. This alternative stock music track is a perfect blend of Jack White and the Black Keys.

  1. “Time Traveler” – Gregory Davis

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I need some super epic 80’s guitar riffs while I run in my neon windbreaker”? No? I guarantee if you listen to this Eighties rock stock track you will get the itch to do just that.

  1. “Solitary Peace” – Francesco Giovannangelo

Great peaceful stock music track for a variety of your needs. Want a piece featuring a polar bear alone in the ice caps? A loved one traveling the distant roads in the desert?? A teddy bear tied to a balloon floating away!?! Ok, that’s a stretch.

  1. “Arabella” – Joachim

Alright it’s time to take a moment as we wrap up this playlist and pay tribute to our mellow, cool side. Sit back, relax and let these jazzy, grooving vibes wash over you.

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Royalty Free Rock Music


Yo. How’s your summer going?

Solid. Glad to hear it.

Does your mom know your into that kind of stuff? Look, no judgment from us, just be safe.

So, getting back to the matter at hand, how hard is it to find really good royalty free rock music online? The answer should be, not hard at all, Mango, because Tunefruit has made it easy to search, listen, and license great rock music. Oh, stop it, you enterprising video editor person-type thing, you, we can’t stand the continued flow of compliments.

Are you looking for the next White Stripes, Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, or U2? We have rock artists uploading fantastic royalty free rock music ALL>THE>TIME. I mean, seriously, we just received another batch of totally killer rock music while I’m sitting here typing this post up.

We know you probably can’t secure that 1 million dollar license for your favorite Beatles track, but you can find totally awesome stock rock tracks that run the gamut from 60’s rock, 70’s stoner rock, 80’s hair metal, 90’s grunge, and current rock styles.

Check out all of our newest royalty free stock rock music right now. Do it.

Tunefruit Rock Playlist 

Tunefruit Daily Freshpicks: Hit it to the Ground


Check it out: Hit It To The Ground

Looking for that nasty…that gnarly…that ab-so-friggin-lutely bar swill-ish rock with swagger for days and enough whiskers to scratch a mirror? Here. Take this track for a spin. Equal parts Jack White, White Stripes, Dead Weather, Black Keys, Yellow Feathers (I just made that up to see if you use google). It’s John Lennon to Kelly Clarkson’s Paul McCartney. It took 5 minutes to come up with that. But is was worth it. Because now you’re thinking about it. Yeah..it works. Anyhoo…this Royalty Free Music track is ready to be licensed for your next project. Stop playing around with WoW, turn FCP back on, and finish the dang project.