Tunefruit Featured License: Zendesk iPad App Video

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Our buddies over at Zendesk are getting dangerously close to reaching Tunefruit “Baller” Status. If we had to give you some sort of Real-World equivalent to this….Silver Medallion on Delta Airlines, maybe? It guarantees the boys (and definitely the girls) at Zendesk a free well drink (you can upgrade at for $$$) anytime they happen to be dropping by Tunefruit HQ (you will see when you get here we are very important. We have many leather-bound books and our office smells of rich mahogany (Anchorman II, we are looking at you)).

Their newest video is EPIC (they say so in the vid), and focuses on the new Zendesk iPad App. We love how they use totally overblown “serious” music (ours!) to sell the super-sweet nature of their newest creation.

Nice work, Zendesk. Nice Work.  You look like a blueberry (thanks again, Anchorman).

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Rolling Along


Check it out: Rolling Along

Our fantastically fresh Tunefruit Daily Freshpick feels like it came straight out of a Stephen Stills record from the 70’s, and we totally mean that in a good way (not in our usually off-putting, but devilishly endearing way). Chegg out those just slightly hippy-ish acoustic guitars with a little bit of kick drum and smooth and yummy electric bass. I can totally see someone driving in their convertible up the Pacific Coast Highway (I’ve heard at least one Los Angelino call it the PCH…can I, too, or is that some super secret thing?) just thinking about how good life is while listening to this smooth California 70’s gem.