Fresh 5 ~ Superhero Inspired Playlist (Black Panther FTW!)

royalty free stock music

royalty free music for videosStan Lee is the Godfather of the comic world. His brilliant mind has birthed nearly every superhero I’ve ever wished I could be. The comic books were rad, and kept my young imagination thrumming. Now, I can’t get enough of the catalog of blockbuster movies they’re pumping out. They just keep building the bad-assery by adding insane settings, incredible star power, and more hero overlap. Every time they give me a new 360 degree hero shot of the Avengers I give a mental fist pump – so epic. This week they release Black Panther and it is not going to disappoint. In its honor, I present this superhero inspired stock music playlist.

Futuristic Trailer by MidnightSnap

Hybrid cinematic track for space and time travel. Perfect for sci-fi, fantasy, or super-hero action adventure movie credits.


Hybrid Opening Credit by Crypt of Insomnia

Dark energetic industrial track in the sci-fi action genre.


Code Red Trailer by Chrome Audio

Code Red is a modern, high impact, call to action. A contemporary trailer sound building to a hard hitting crescendo.


Hip Hop and Rock Cinematic Trailer 4 by Ikoliks

Powerful punch hip hop, rock, cinematic composition featured overdrive alternative guitar riff and breakbeat, hip-hop, hardcore elements.


Aggressive Irregular Trailer by Crypt of Insomnia

Intense hybrid teaser-trailer for cinematic purposes.


If these tracks aren’t giving you the Wakandan vibe you’re looking for, go take a look at our full library of curated stock music on our site at And enjoy your weekend – you’ll find me arm deep in a bucket of popcorn at the theater.