Fresh 5 Royalty Free Tracks for Research & Laboratory Videos

royalty free stock music

video production music*Paging Doctor Music to the Beat Laboratory* *Paging Doctor Music* If you’re researching tracks to make your science video production perform, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered. Science is cool enough on it’s own, but we have a hypothesis that, when paired with the right background music, your video becomes twice as compelling. (editor’s note – we have no evidence to support this claim, but we think it makes us look good). Check out these tracks sure to get your Bunson burners…. well, burning.

Seeking Mind by RareGroove

Atmospheric, questioning music featuring marimba, strings pizzicato, and piano. Curious, mysterious mood.


Suspense Movement by Sonic Planet

Cello and piano interplay suggesting a dark mood, slow moving dark texture, suspense cello track. Subtle Intensity, very dark background music, dark instrumental.


Fields of Inquiry by RareGroove

Marimba rhythmic patterns create a curious, inquiring atmosphere. Suggesting contemplation, doubt, curiosity.


Ambient Soft Pulsating by Crypt Insomnia

Warm ambient and sequences. Perfect for science, business, etc.


Subtle Innovations by NC Music

Peaceful ambient tune with synths and pads.


Love these tracks but not loving the lady saying Tunefruit the whole time? Head on over to our royalty free stock music library at to check out our full collection.