On the Vine ~ A Dedication to Musicians We Lost in 2017

royalty free stock music




royalty free stock music

A new year is always kicked off with plenty of new beginnings, and new resolutions, and new ideas – NEW! NEW! NEW! But music is a special animal that finds its inspo in the past. So, we want to start our new year with an  inspirational tribute to the awesome  contributions of those musical maestros we lost in 2017. Here we’ve paired up some cool stock music that was definitely inspired by these fallen giants.


Tom Petty

From the Heartland by SeaStock

Long Road Back by GarySWolk

Shot in the Dark by Faithlesstown

Fats Domino

Groovy Girl Groovy Boy by PatrickCoen

All Night Diner by StevenBulinskiMusic

Taboo Love (back track) by TroyKline

Chris Cornell

Guitar Rock Flavor Yum by ChezGroove

Alternative Rock by Ikoliks

Fallen Sun Instr by nbehnan

Chuck Berry

Hanging Out by CharlieD

Good Old Days by Riopel_M

Walter Becker

Back in Town by GarySWolk

Late Night by Big Sound Music 


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