In Season ~ 5 Levels of Love for Your Valentine’s Day Video Project

royalty free stock music

royalty free stock musicHey Lovers! It’s time to roll out the chocolates and roses because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Whether you are creating ad content for those Valentine’s gift-givers, compiling a touching memory for your significant other, or trying to seal the deal on your potential new special someone, the right music will set the perfect mood for your romantic Valentine’s Day Video. Picking a track with just the right ‘temperature’ is important. There’s a time and a place for everything, and a track for each level of Love. Let’s explore some Cupid approved options for your Valentine’s day Video Project.  

Wholesome Love – the kind for grandmothers and little kids.  Nothing tells the Family they are loved like a hug, a cute little card, and a box of sweets.

Happy Families by WoodMill

Summer Folk by Young Rich Pixies


Courtly Love (not to be confused with Courtney Love… totally different) – the classical ideal of admiration, presented with appropriate formality. Shakespeare would dig this chivalry.

Iradier – La Paloma by Classical Music for Media

Classical Romance by Hakan-Eriksson


Romantic Love –  Be it a golden anniversary or a first Valentine’s day, candlelight dinner for two and some warm jazzy vibes will make you Lovebirds tipsy with attraction.

Intimate by SingingDogStudios

Silky Blue by Francois


Giddy Love –  The full-on ‘Butterflies in the tummy, can’t think of anything else, have to see you right now’ kind of love.  The kind of Love that makes you grin like a crazy person.  

Happy Positive by Fleisis

Happy Swing by Young Rich Pixies


Cheezy, Over-the-Top Love –  The full swoon.  Bring on the Red Velvet and Wah-Wah guitar, because these after hours jams are for closers.  Release your passions and inhibitions to these Retro-Sexy romance enhancers.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr.  

Funky Wah Sexy Time by Patrick Coen

Jazzy Horns by DrTimWaters


Let this year’s Valentine’s Day reel impress with a little soundtrack help from your pals at