4 Tips for Finding Sports and Competition Music, just in time for the Olympics.

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The 2018 Winter Olympics will open in Seoul, South Korea on February, 9th.  The excitement, pageantry, and competition will be enjoyed world-wide by sports fans full of national pride.  The Olympic games represent the full range of Human emotions, the highest highs and the lowest lows.  Triumph for one could mean heartbreak for another. The spotlight will be on pure competition, where individuals can represent whole nations and unite the world with their stories of sportsmanship. Choosing the right soundtrack music for your sports project can be daunting, but here’s a few ways to navigate the competition.

Orchestral Majesty:
Copeland had it just right…  Something about trumpets just says, noble sportsmanship, and don’t forget about Vangelis… who can see a runner in slow-motion without associating his unique writing style?  Here’s some tracks inspired by their work:

Into Space by BlueberryMusic


Gold Medal Games by All3kids


Hybrid-Orchestral Intensity:
Combining electric elements with orchestral elements puts a high-tech spin on action sports videos.  Sharpen the edges on those skates and ski’s.  Explode off the start in a futuristic bobsled.  Here’s how sport evolves and adapts in the digital age:

Hybrid Action Cinematic Trailer by ikoliks


Victory Is Ours by Maarten Bonder



Rhythmic Adventure:
The essence of sport.  One competitor verses another in a test of strength and agility.  Nothing says aggressive like a battery of percussion.  Find tracks with lots of accents for quick and agile cuts:

Drums of War – Epic Drums by Jon Purdey

Epic Percussion Drums by deep_productions

Xtreme Sports:
With the popularity of extreme sports crossing over into the mainstream, the Olympics have embraced the fringes, and your soundtrack should be representative of youth and adventure.  Add elements of Rock, Electronica, and Hip-Hop to your playlist to freshen things up:

Bronx Lion by Toby Wincorn


Energetic Modern Punk Rock by ikoliks


Winners (and um… didn’t winners):
Not everyone can go home with the Gold…  but hold your heads high, there’s dignity in a hard -fought defeat. Some say the true measure of character is not how you celebrate winning, but how you accept a tough loss.  Here’s some emotional notes that will speak more than words:

Ashes of Stars by Peter M.


Defiance Runs Deep by mscottweber


Find the right music to put your video project on the podium, and let the games begin!