In Season ~ A Look Back at 2017 Tracks on Trend

royalty free stock music

Trends come and go, but they were big in their moment. 2017 produced a boat load of great music trends, especially for us Tunefruit audiophiles. Here we recap some of the 2017 stock music trends we’ll look back on fondly, while sipping our unicorn frappucinos.



Happy Cheerful Ukulele Whistling by BlueSideMusic

Ukulele still holding strong for upbeat, light corporate and advertising- claps, snaps and whistling.


Positive Upbeat 60s Fun by Woodmill

Retro, lo-fi sixties with modern elements (grew out of the motown revival sound).


Strangers by Sprague St. 

Retro synth is back, due in part to the popularity of Stranger Things, repetitive pulsing replaces drums.


Code Red Trailer by Chrome Audio

Hybrid electronic/orchestral trailers evoking action and suspense, lots of percussion and risers.


Upbeat Indie Rock by Ikoliks

Gritty Indie Rock with lot’s of attitude.


Seeking Mind by Rare Groove

Burbling percussion and marimba for curious and thoughtful scenes.


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