Fresh 5 ~ Pomp, Political & Presidential Playlist

election stock music

election stock musicThe Fruits are feeling patriotic today. They think the political process is totally sweet, and as long as they’re in season, always vote. They’re always up for a tough debate on the issues, especially when comparing Apple to Orange. In honor of President’s Day, we’ve curated a little batch of classic Americana with a Tunefruit twist.

Hail to the Chief by APAMusic

Here is a military marching band version of Hail To The Chief.


Star Spangled Banned by APAMusic

Here is a traditional military band version of the Star Spangled Banner. This is ideal for political functions, patriotic celebration, sporting events, Olympic awards ceremonies, etc.


Ukulele Patriotism by Matthew Prims

A quirky patriotic cue led by sunny ukulele and upbeat Glockenspiel, based on the tune “My County ‘Tis of Thee” (also called “America”).


Yankee Doodle by EW1

A rousing rendition of YANKEE DOODLE played on the traditional Fife & Drum. Ideal background for your 4th of July Sale commercial or historical documentaries, even cartoons & tongue-in-cheek comedies.


Hail to the Chief by Foldy Songs

A modern take on the unmistakable cue for the President of the United States.


Don’t think our campaign for presidential stock music gets your vote? Head on over to and find the royalty free stock music track you can really get behind.