4 Tips for Finding Sports and Competition Music, just in time for the Olympics.

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The 2018 Winter Olympics will open in Seoul, South Korea on February, 9th.  The excitement, pageantry, and competition will be enjoyed world-wide by sports fans full of national pride.  The Olympic games represent the full range of Human emotions, the highest highs and the lowest lows.  Triumph for one could mean heartbreak for another. The spotlight will be on pure competition, where individuals can represent whole nations and unite the world with their stories of sportsmanship. Choosing the right soundtrack music for your sports project can be daunting, but here’s a few ways to navigate the competition. Continue reading

Fresh 5 Royalty Free Tracks for Research & Laboratory Videos

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video production music*Paging Doctor Music to the Beat Laboratory* *Paging Doctor Music* If you’re researching tracks to make your science video production perform, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered. Science is cool enough on it’s own, but we have a hypothesis that, when paired with the right background music, your video becomes twice as compelling. (editor’s note – we have no evidence to support this claim, but we think it makes us look good). Check out these tracks sure to get your Bunson burners…. well, burning.

Seeking Mind by RareGroove

Atmospheric, questioning music featuring marimba, strings pizzicato, and piano. Curious, mysterious mood.

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In Season ~ 5 Levels of Love for Your Valentine’s Day Video Project

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royalty free stock musicHey Lovers! It’s time to roll out the chocolates and roses because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Whether you are creating ad content for those Valentine’s gift-givers, compiling a touching memory for your significant other, or trying to seal the deal on your potential new special someone, the right music will set the perfect mood for your romantic Valentine’s Day Video. Picking a track with just the right ‘temperature’ is important. There’s a time and a place for everything, and a track for each level of Love. Let’s explore some Cupid approved options for your Valentine’s day Video Project.  

Wholesome Love – the kind for grandmothers and little kids.  Nothing tells the Family they are loved like a hug, a cute little card, and a box of sweets.

Happy Families by WoodMill

Summer Folk by Young Rich Pixies

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Fresh 5 Royalty Free Tracks for Time-Lapse Videos

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time-lapse video music

Don’t like watching grass grow? You would if it were a time-lapse video! There are very few experiences more satisfying than watching change in high speed. It’s a stellar way to show project creation from start to finish in a snap. If the time-lapse genre is your main squeeze, you’ll love these juicy stock music tracks to back up your speedy clips.


Mobile by Mr_B_Music_Studio

Warm, merry and positive guitar piece with speedy movement.

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5 Tips to Make Your Crowdfunding Video a Winner

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crowdfunding videoCrowd funding has become one of the most effective, and user friendly, ways to raise funds. Whether you’re an artist trying to get your work produced, an inventor with a great idea, or simply trying to help a friend in need, crowd funding can be a powerful tool. Sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo have given users a simple way to spread their message and request contributions. But, the concept has caught on like wildfire and there’s plenty of steep competition trying to get that $$$. Here are five tips to make your crowd funding video stand out in the crowd.  Continue reading

Fresh 5 Royalty Free Songs for GoPro Helmet Cam Footage

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stock music for goproTis the season for sweet snowboarding videos chock full of insane ollies and grabs down the pipe. But, no helmet cam footage is complete without a pumping track to back it up. We’ve curated five royalty free stock tracks that’ll do your tailgrab justice.



Action Sports Rock by Ikoliks

Powerful high energy rock track featured overdrive distorted guitars, edgy synth sounds and pounding drums.

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In Season ~ A Look Back at 2017 Tracks on Trend

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Trends come and go, but they were big in their moment. 2017 produced a boat load of great music trends, especially for us Tunefruit audiophiles. Here we recap some of the 2017 stock music trends we’ll look back on fondly, while sipping our unicorn frappucinos.



Happy Cheerful Ukulele Whistling by BlueSideMusic

Ukulele still holding strong for upbeat, light corporate and advertising- claps, snaps and whistling.

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Fresh 5 Royalty Free Music Tracks for Crossfit Video Reels

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crossfit video musicWhile all those resolutions are fresh, pump up those cross fit video reels with these slick tracks. Your WOD isn’t complete without them!




Rousing Industrial Dub Step Rock by 83 Crutch

Powerful, driving, rousing and energetic industrial rock.


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On the Vine ~ A Dedication to Musicians We Lost in 2017

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royalty free stock music

A new year is always kicked off with plenty of new beginnings, and new resolutions, and new ideas – NEW! NEW! NEW! But music is a special animal that finds its inspo in the past. So, we want to start our new year with an  inspirational tribute to the awesome  contributions of those musical maestros we lost in 2017. Here we’ve paired up some cool stock music that was definitely inspired by these fallen giants.


Tom Petty

From the Heartland by SeaStock

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In Season ~ Tracks that Send You Home for Holidays

royalty free christmas music

royalty free christmas musicLooking for that last minute, audio icing for your holiday project? We’ve got you covered. Our elves worked overtime to select five tracks that could fit just about any video. We like to think of it as the perfect gift!

1. Yuletide by Abbas Premjee

Full of holiday cheer and season’s greetings, this is a Christmas original and features sleigh bells, strings and piano – ideal for dashing through the snow, regardless of number of horses pulling your sleigh.

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