Fresh 5 ~ Chilling Tracks for Friday the 13th

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Friday the 13Today at Tunefruit we are putting away our ladders, trading our umbrellas in for rain jackets, and triple checking that our mirrors are secure on the walls. Once again Friday the 13th leads off the weekend and we are stroking our lucky rabbit feet to counter any bad luck coming our way. Friday the 13th is like a bonus Halloween that catches you off guard, except with less candy and more mean looks from neighbors when I go door to door in my Grape-en-stein costume. If you are bold enough to test fate this Friday the 13th then check out some of our spookiest royalty free tracks below for your next terrifying project.


Undying Sadness by Erick_McNerney

A sad, dark, strange piece, with a timeless mood. Something you’d hear oozing out of a creepy music box. It seems to call to a former time, perhaps the middle ages. Using a children’s music box and ethereal, spooky female vocals.



Halloween Atmosphere by 11sound

Retro B-movie Synth with classic spooky feel. Strange Atmospheric song for Experimental movie, for suspense, thriller, Halloween mood or horror visual project.



Little House Down the Lane by Jason Saltiel

Perfect theme for that scary abandoned house you always avoided as a kid. A whimsical dense macabre.



Vampire & Halloween by 11sound

A campy track for a more light-hearted project. A track for Halloween that you can use as theme for your Halloween visual project, film or just for a spooky ambience. This electro track influenced by John Carpenter’ Halloween soundtrack take a rapid and epic ride, with a Dubstep/Dulcimer theme at the middle part of the song and a return to the dark beginning. A big Halloween fun.



Build up to FEAR! by justincrosby

A more intense track for your scary project. An extremely aggressive and terrifying cinematic / trailer riser that oozes heart pounding adrenaline. It has futuristic and hybrid sci-fi elements, but is also geared toward horror, trailers and teasers that need maximum impact!



Not scared yet? Then head over to to explore our entire spooky, royalty free catalogue…if you dare!