Fresh 5 Royalty Free Music Tracks for Football Projects

royalty free stock music


royalty free musicAre you ready for some football? The Superbowl is coming up and we’ve drafted our fresh five fantasy football faves for your pigskin projects.


1. Blues Rockers by Rob McAllister

A classic pump up jam guaranteed to bring your fans to their feet.


2. No Holds Barred by Pat

Let’s introduce our lineup accompanied by some intense stats to this track.


3. Sports News Music by BluesideMusic

Well Chris, we think this track is due to score big this season.


4. Percussion by Young Rich Pixies

Tighten up that drumline and go heavy on the snare.


5. Fighter by Cubed

There’s nothing better than watching football… except watching it again in highlights with commentary and some dramatic background music.


Love these tracks but not loving the lady saying Tunefruit the whole time? Blitz over to our royalty free stock music library at to buy the tracks sure to make your video celebration worthy! *Cue touchdown dance*