Fresh 5 Royalty Free Songs for Holiday Cooking Videos

royalty free stock music


royalty free christmas music

We have cooked up a fresh batch of royalty free christmas songs that will pair perfectly with your holiday cooking videos!



1. Feast for the Family by MarkMusic

Upbeat with a dash of holiday season, this track keeps your viewers engaged and ready to cook!


2. Inspirational Piano Waltz by Basspartout

Keep that Christmas video classy with this piano and vibraphone over a swinging, light-hearted waltz rhythm. We see slow panning shots over stacks of sparkling, sugar coated cookies. Pass the milk!


3. Pumpkin Pie by ST Music

This holiday tune has that retro pizzicato plucking that gives us a productive, but happy feeling, like little elves hard at work. We envision a sparkly wink at the end.


4. Christmas New Year by medius

Swinging beat, holiday bells, high happy melody – all ingredients for the delicious holiday cooking feature.


5. Family Fun (no lead) by White Cat Music

An acoustic track that will make your toes tap and your whisks whip! A great homey tune that would be a perfect fit for any cooking video with woodsy tones and mason jars.


Love these tracks but not loving the lady saying Tunefruit the whole time? Whip on over to our royalty free stock music library at to buy the tracks sure to make your video tasty!